Thursday, January 26, 2012

butter LONDON - Knackered

butter LONDON Knackered. It's the rock star of the collection, especially since Disco Biscuit turned up in a white polyester leisure suit mimicking Travolta badly. Wow was that one bad. When Knackered's turn came for a full manicure I was now hesitating. Frankly, of the two, I expected Knackered to be the sheer one.


I am so happy I was wrong. I loved this right out of the box and I didn't want it to let me down.

First though, I thought you would like to see what I have, what my pallet looks like before I start a real manicure. Or rather, what I have before I start the real color.

This one was pretty normal for me. Sometimes it's Orly Nail Armor, which has a more flesh tone color to it, sometimes it's Seche Rebuild, which is also milky white and this is Fiberglass Network. I do not know if Fiberglass Network is cruelty free or not. I am not buying any more of it and am using up the last bottles I have. That's the only reason I'm posting it at all. I know Orly and Seche are cruelty free. Salon Sciences, who make FN, I can't even find a website for them. It's sold at Sally and it does work well. I can tell you that much. Until I confirm we aren't torturing bunnies over there, I won't spend more money on it, though. The other two work just fine as well, though I think Rebuild repairs more easily.

The mechanics you don't see are:

1 coat Seche Base Coat
1 coat Nailtiques 2

Then 2 coats Fiberglass Network

So here is the blank slate: 

 It's a little coverage but nothing to interfere with the color. I have actually just worn this. It's nude, it's understated and your nails have some protection. When it wears it is not pretty, though. But it makes a very nice base coat. Rebuild looks a lot like this. 

One coat. Oh my. How pretty is this. It's not silver, it's described on the website as oyster, which I had pshawed at until I saw this. It really is oyster. The purple doesn't even play into it except to give it a lovely duochrome feel. 

Two coats. Still sheer, not what I would want it to be yet. Note the pinky purpley feel on the pinky nail, though. There's that duochrome. And the sparkle particles, those are HOLO. Oh yes. Duochrome and holo. The butter Gods have blessed us little nail hounds. 

Three coats. Now we're talking. Note the purple on the pinky! It's kind of out of the light a little, it's at a different angle from it's friends and it's showing a whole other side to this polish. I love this. I psychotically love this. I want to buy every bottle so I never have to live without this. 

And as a result, you're getting about 97 pictures of this. 

Partial label shot, but really, look at that thumb nail. OMG. This is a polish that is done right. 

Yeah, another label shot. I usually take a couple to allow for glare and whatnot, but this gives you different angles on that thumb and they're worth seeing. 

OOOOO. Sparkly!!

It's pearly, it's holo-y, it's duo-y....what is not to love. 

OK, and check the cuticle test. Good, good. This went on beautifully. It was a trifle on the thin side, but the holo particles are not rough at all. It's almost like holo powder or something. There may have been some very slight texture but the shine. Check this out. It's just beautiful.

You can see a little of the purple here. 

I know of nothing else like this. I certainly can't dupe it from my own collection. 

Now...wear. This is brand new here. I did put a coat of Poshe top coat on this after these swatches. It wore pretty well. These nails did a lot of cleaning and dishes. As you can see below, the left hand wore well. 

Still so beautiful, it didn't fade or dull. There is some minor tip wear. I wouldn't redo it or even repair it based on this. 

The right hand, however, didn't fare as well. Probably because my nubbin was getting worn down to nothin' doing dishes like Cinderella pre glass slipper.

Believe it or not, that caught on my comforter and that's what tore this off. It might have been repairable if not for that. It just took a big ole chunk right off it. The middle finger was weakening, pic to follow, but I could have repaired that. 

You can see where it's bent and cracked and a little has come off. That's repairable. The index finger...maybe, but it wouldn't be stable. Best to redo. I've since done dinner dishes and the middle finger has given up the ghost so I'll be taking this off tonight. (It's Sunday.)

Thumb is still in great shape. Note the holo particles in these swatches! Natural light, lads. Natural light. Ah is this ever love. I am telling you. Back up worthy and you know I never say that. Well, next to never. 

Just another shot of the loveliness in natural light. So glad I had some sun today!

The other thumb to show lack of wear. I think if I hadn't been doing so much as far as dishes and general cleaning this mani would have gone another couple of days with just some babying. As it is, it wore 4. Not bad at all. 

OK. Last one. 

I hope you like this one as much as I do. I will definitely be wearing this again. It's so elegant but edgy, understated but just have to look a little harder. If you just glanced at this you'd see a pearly grey or silver. It bears closer inspection. 

Happy Happy Talons!

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