Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ordering from butter LONDON

I recommend it. butter LONDON website

They've changed a few things. The website does some cooler stuff, as they're gaining recognition, but it's a fun site, lots going on and logically laid out. They do some stuff I really like on there. They display nice bottle shots, you can hover over to get a description if you're interested and add it to your cart right there, or you can click on the swatch to see a larger picture with a description there. Also, you can scroll down the page and the other links travel with you, staying on the left hand margin. It's nice. Plus, I love the animations and other neat things going on. It captures the spirit of the brand nicely.

Even better, I've had tremendous service from them. At some point in the distant past, they ran a promotion to get a free British Racing Green with your order of X amount, I don't honestly remember. I put it in my basket not understanding they would add it for me later. I got a phone call. A very nice lady called me on my cell informing me that I would receive two British Racing Greens if they left my order as-is and they would sit on it until they heard back from me before they billed me and sent me an extra I didn't really need. I returned her call, got right to her with no problems and no VRU issues. She told me at that time that they were working on the website, which I had complimented her on. I had the impression it might have been her baby, actually. She was very sweet and admitted the promotion hadn't been well worded and they were working on that, too. We had a nice chat about nails and polish and she fixed my order, sending me only 1 green and removing the one I had erroneously ordered from my bill. Nice.

So when you order now, you get these cute boxes:

Nothing fancy, but they do they job and they're cute. This is the same sort of style of the website, if you haven't clicked the linky yet. And why haven't you? It's worth a look!

When you open it up, you find these nice butter LONDON bottle shaped slots:

Cozy and safe!

I had ordered these four polishes:

 These are, starting from the top and going left to right: West End Wonderland, Diamond Geezer, Union Jack Black, and Tramp Stamp.

This pic is VERY true to color, I'm pleased. I have swatches of all these, the posts will follow. I like to devote a post to each color unless I'm layering. The colors deserve it!

I actually wore Diamond Geezer for New Year's. I didn't have any glam parties to go to or anything, but it is a new year. I felt I needed to ring it in with something spectacular and fearless. What's more fearless than metallic silver, I ask ya? I know!

Also in this order was one set of their nail decals which...I can no longer find on the website so I guess I won't post a pic of those. They were sharp! Darn! Well...poo. I wonder why they removed them?

As you know, I'm a big fan of butter LONDON. I love the colors, the inspirations, the combinations. There is something for everyone. I do like the formula and if you wear it with their base coat and top coat, it will wear really well. It does not do so well with other products, though. This isn't a huge problem for me, but it's something to keep in mind.

I hope you like what you see and are willing to try them out! They do charge shipping and handling though right now if you order $75 or more you can get free shipping, which is a lot, but if you get into the creams and what not you can get there pretty fast. I've never tried their creams, but I'd like to. If I do, I'll let you know. My bottle of 2000 year old Avojuice (bought pre-OPI sale) is getting down and I will need something at work to replace it. Maybe then!

Swatches of these fine colors to come!

Happy Talons!!

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