Monday, January 30, 2012

Chanel Black Pearl - No Jack Sparrow

Chanel Black Pearl had the potential to be one of those legendary polishes. It's so gorgeous in the bottle and while I was a little hesitant about the green flash (I'm not a big fan of green. It's OK.) I took forever to finally wear it. I'm not a huge fan of Chanel polishes. They're over-priced, I rarely get good wear out of them...the thing is, they are right up there on originality of color. Chanel will probably generate the next big thing and being a polish hound...I buy into it almost every time. Almost.

I know there are some that just love this polish. I've read a couple other blog reviews and they are loving it. I felt it did not live up to the hype the bottle generates.

Sorry about the glare. This does show the metallic particles in the polish, which does redeem it for me somewhat. I did think it was an accurate portrayal of a black pearl. If you've never seen one, they do have a greenish cast at times. They're quite beautiful, really. I suppose this is, too. I wasn't in love with it, though. It was meh.

My desk! Best swatch lighting IN THE WORLD! OK, so this shows both the metallic feel on the nails and the green in the bottle. See what's happening in the bottle? A lovely wonderful world of green and black and ooo. On the nail? Pencil lead. That's what I kept thinking as I looked at it. It looks like pencil lead. Blah. I had quite a few compliments on it and I might wear it again just to see if I like it better, but....not what I wanted it to be!

Here you can see hints of the green. This doesn't apply streaky and I have to admit, for a Chanel it wore well. No major tip wear or anything. It's rather thick, which I personally like, I think it's easier to control, and it went on nicely. This is two coats.

I don't own anything quite like this, it is very original, I just didn't love it. I wanted to be ecstatic about it and I'm not. I'm not even moderately amused.
Pencil Lead.

So this was mechanically:

1 coat Seche base coat
1 coat Nailtiques 2
2 coats Fiberglass Network (Because my rebuild is about dead and my nails are showing it's lack. Broke 2 yesterday.)
2 coats Chanel Black Pearl
1 coat Poshe Top Coat

I don't know. What do you guys think? Am I just being too particular? Did I have my hopes set too high?

Happy Talons. **grumble, grumble**

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