Friday, January 27, 2012

Cult Nails - Power Thief

I showed you awhile ago the packing and whatnot that this collection came in and how fun it was, and ecologically safe. I like that! Now we're getting down to the swatching! Except Clairvoyant. Sorry. That one is sold out and not even listed on the website any longer, not that I found.

However, Power Thief still is and it's really gorgeous!

This is one coat and as you can see, it's a bit uneven. It layers like no one's business which is both nice and tricky. See how sheer it is on the pinky while right next to it the ring finger is so much darker? It takes it's own polish really well, but this can become difficult to even out if you're not careful.

Here are two coats. These are without flash so you aren't getting the full impact of the amazing silver micro glitter. I have some flash shots for you, though. They're coming up. I have a lot of swatches of this one.

This is a very taupey brown. It would be boring except for the sliver microglitter. That gives it fire!

The camera is giving it a bit more of a honey color than it actually has. I would say this was ashier than it appears here, but this is close.

OK, now the flash shot! See that silver in there? It makes this so much more than it would be without it. Without it, it's pretty but drab. With's a whole new world! I love this. It's so pretty.

You can see that I was able to even out the layers here and make this uniform, pretty much. It's nice that it grabs its own layers, but it takes a little more vigilance. You can't just slap this on and call it a day. You'll have a mess. Pay attention and all will be well.

See how the index finger darkens because it's not in the direct flash. Nice. That is very true to color there on the index finger. It's a good color on me but I think it would be great on many different skin tones.

Last one, I think.

This went on well, a little thick, if I'm remembering correctly, but there is nothing wrong with that. Better a little thicker than watery. I can't stand watery. The glitter in this is dense and prominent but not crazy, and it's very work appropriate. It's about the color of a nice smoky quartz. Yes. Good way to describe it.

I hope you like it! Cult Nails polishes are available at Cult Nails and also now at!

Happy Talons!

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