Monday, January 16, 2012

butter LONDON - West End Wonderland

West End Wonderland is a gold chunky glitter. Well, chunky for butter LONDON, whose glitters are almost always of the micro variety, which I like a lot. I took one look at this and said, let's layer it. These swatches are therefore all done over Union Jack Black didn't work!

The undercap of a butter LONDON. You remove the black square cap and find this little charmer saying hello. It's one of those little touches I love. The butter LONDON raven is here for you. You can see I haven't painted the nails yet, this is Union Jack Black and the West End Wonderland bottle. coat of WEW over UJB and...why layer this? I didn't expect it to be this dense! This is some dense glitter going on. My advice, unless you're layering over a gold, don't waste your time. This thing is so's interesting, but not enough to waste the black. I wouldn't bother, but you can see for yourselves.
I do want to point out here, because it's as obvious as it's going to get, that this has a random spare red sparkle particle in it. You can see the flash on both the middle and ring finger nails. It really adds something yummy to this.

OK, this is two coats. Yeah...not a layering polish at all, but stunning to be sure. Gold isn't my best color but I can wear this. Not maybe to work, though!

It's chunky and a bit rough. The particles are tiny but they are so dense that it's in need of a nice top coat. It wasn't bad, though. I have to say, it really wasn't bad.

These swatches have all been in normal sort of room lighting. Now I have a couple flash pictures for you.

Here's what happens when the light hits it. OOOO! Super shiny, lots of sparkle! This is pretty in your face.

Yup! Sparkly!

This was a bit tricky to apply. It's a clear base, I think, but it's so loaded with glitter that the glitter tends to grab and drag the brush and the color on it. Just be careful and you'll be OK.

This one has been around awhile and you can see why. It's stunning. The bits of red add a little danger to it, it's striking and an attention getter. What's not to love?

Happy Talons!

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