Wednesday, January 25, 2012

butter LONDON - Disco Biscuit - ARG!!!

I mentioned a disappointment, didn't I? Yeah. Pretty sure I did. This is it. I'm so sorry to say it because the bottle of polish is stunning and I mean jaw dropping, drooling in your shoes stunning. What we get instead is...a mess. It has potential, but not the potential I'd hoped. Let's go to the map!

OK. That takes sheer to a whole new level. I am not a huge fan of sheers. I simply don't really like them. This reminds me of an old Avon sheer I wore all the time as a kid because Moms felt that little girls shouldn't wear real polish, but sheers were ladylike enough for a little girl.

What does two coats do?
Ummmm, not a lot. And note the texture of this. Rough to say the least, and note the weird lack of shine. What is up with this? OK, a top coat can fix rough and rubberized finish, which....should something with glitter/holo particles ever be less than shiny? Yeah, OK, ManGlaze does it well, but that's for men. This is not.

Three coats annnnnnd, we don't appear to be making much progress. **blows bangs out of eyes** In the immortal words of the Germans: "Scheisse".

Well, we're going in the wrong direction. Maybe this is meant to be a top coat. What can I layer it over....hmmm.....

Queen Vic. It's close. I thought Snog but this is too purple. I went with Queen Vic. And Nail Foundation, just for a comparison.

The before shot. Index finger is two coats Nail Foundation, middle finger is two coats butter LONDON Queen Vic.

Hm. Queen Vic by a landslide. On Nail Foundation Disco Biscuit still looks sheer and icky. On Queen Vic, though, now we're talking. Do I have a better picture? I hope.

Meh. You can see the similarity of color here, and you can see some of the potential. Maybe two coats of Disco Biscuit would have been better, but I didn't do it. How about Queen Vic there, though. Pretty!

OK. So...lots of potential lost. This looks like it wasn't even tested. Seriously? I could see where you might have a lot of fun layering this, but it's really a mess. The bottle doesn't translate to the nail at all. I was so disappointed. So now I have a top coat for other things, that will require a clear top coat. Dang. I had really high hopes for this.

Just so you can see what you do actually get by way of sparkle in this I snapped the pad I used to remove it.

There is quite a lot happening there. Pink, blue, just gets buried under that hot pink jelly lacquer. You can see some of it, but it's not like this.

Tomorrow we will see if we have a similar let down with Knackered.

Happier Talons!

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