Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Since Christmas is next weekend and it's the best time of the year to wear sparkle and feel like an ornament, I am going to do some glittery yummies this week. I have a couple ButterLondon holiday polishes to show you, plus just some good old glitters.

Let's start with Illamasqua.

If you've ever seen those old Shiny Brite ornaments, the ones that Christopher Radko is now duplicating, this is what Harsh reminds me of. We have tons of those old ornaments from the 1940s that they started making during the war because my great-grandmother bought a bunch of them for my father. These are the ornaments I grew up with. Hm. Can I find a picture? Yes, well, go to the evil auction site. There are some out there. I'm not going to swipe their pics.

But they had some kind of glitter process for those ornaments and it looked a lot like Harsh and it's gold twin Spartan, which will be tomorrow's post.

Check it out:

This is one coat and perfectly fine for layering. I may do a quick post on layering these because we always layer them over black but you could layer something like this over anything. I'm thinking right now that red would be really amazing.

However...do TWO coats and wow!

This could be a stand alone. This is a teeny chunky glitter. It doesn't dry smooth, nor could you possibly expect it would. But it does have the sparkle.

Doesn't it look like ornament sparkle? It's so pretty! I did try this over black and it covered it completely. All it left me with were black edges. It was fine, but I like this better. I will show that swatch when I do the layer comparisons of several polishes.

Great polish for those late night holiday cocktail parties where you just don't need to be so sedate. Nothing about this is sedate. I love it. You need a good top coat, though. Keep that in mind. A nice thick one, a Seche Vite sort of thing.

Like it? It's definitely sparkly!!!

Happy Talons!

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