Friday, December 2, 2011

BB Couture - Sinfully Polished, the Women's Collection - Envy's a terrible dark feeling. It makes you feel sour and mean and awful. I hate feeling envy and am pleased to say I rarely do. Usually it manifests as self-pity. I beat myself up, dust myself off and soldier on. I think this version of Envy is spot on. It's a very good rendition of what that feeling is. It's slightly olivey and dank green with a side of gunmetal for coldness.

This swatch only shows you a slight hint of the olive but a whole lot of that dirty.

More of the dirty. Like most of this collection, this color is one thing from one angle and one thing from another. However, not a duochrome, not in the, for example, Nubar sense.

NOW we're starting to see some green. It's's almost more dirty olive and less green, if you see what I mean. It has a pearly shimmery thing going on which gives it interest. Straight olives we've seen: Rescue Beauty Lounge's No More War to name one much lemminged example. Something like this is a whole other animal. This is olive on the dark side. This is drab BDUs that have been in the battle and returned.

See, it's almost charcoal here. It's just a matter of lighting.

Now you see some olive, but really...I don't even know that I would call this green. It's so grey and dark. It's BB Couture's Ashes with a hint of green thrown in.

I really like it. It's edgy, it's shimmery, it's different.

As ever, great application and formula, great shine...what's not to love? I don't know that this color will be for everyone. This is the kind of color that BMWWU wouldn't want to put on me and tell me I'd better do myself! But, I do like it. It's moody, it will suit some episodes of life, but I think this is a color that says don't mess with me. Me likey.

You likey?

Happy Talons!

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