Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Locavore

Locavore is part of the BiB collection, the latest of those that were shipped. If you're not familiar, the BiBs are Bring it Back colors that were sold out or discontinued the ReBeLs the world over hounded Ji Baek to bring back to us! Locavore is one of those. It's still available, or was a week ago, on the rescuebeauty website.

Locavore is a party in a bottle. It's green and gold and purple and pink sparkle in a clear base.

This is one coat. As you can see, you could easily layer this over...just about anything, really. It has so many different colors in it. This isn't the best swatch but check out the next one.

Two coats, better lighting, much better representation of color.

This went on as well as a glitter can. The glitter is pretty dense and of all the same size, basically. It's small but chunky and will want a good top coat. There is no way you're getting this smooth.

You can see pretty much what the bottle shows here, I think there might even be some red in there.

This is with flash showing off the glow. I think another coat would not have hurt this at all, really. You might get pretty well opaque with one more coat.

Last picture. Here you can see the reflection coming off that glitter, the can see blue in here. I think she threw in a bit of everything, but the overwhelming color is green. It's mostly green, but probably equal parts green to equal parts of everything else together. It's a great color for a celebration!

Stay Sparkly and if you celebrate it, Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Talons!

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