Thursday, December 22, 2011

butterLondon - Fairy Lights

butterLondon does such fun colors. This year I don't know that they put out any specifically Christmas themed colors. There is a new set and it's coming up, but nothing holiday oriented. Last year they did two. Fairy Lights is one of them.

Fairy Lights is a pink chrome with a little silver shimmer in it. It's lovely. I had started, last time I sat and did swatches, to show you what one coat, and then two coats look like, to give you more of the whole what it's like to experience these colors idea. I thought it might help you see what I mean when I talk formula and application. As you can see, near perfect cuticles meaning near perfect formula and application here. This is one coat. One coat is about all you need.

Two coats, no flash. This is very true to form. The chrome finish is very nice, it gives a lot of shine and good coverage. This also dried very fast which was cool.

There is something very icy about this color, which is lovely. However, I don't know that I'd reserve it for the holidays. This would make a lovely Spring color too. It is a bit flashy so use your judgement for work. You know your workplaces, do what is best and least likely to get you a "We are conservative here at Boring Investments...." come to Jesus.

Pretty, yes? I like.

Please don't mind that dent in the middle nail. That's not butterLondon's fault. That's a nail repair starting to peel up. I wound up taking it off. It didn't like swatching at all.

Fairy Lights, a lovely pink chrome for the holidays. Or any days!

Happy Talons!

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