Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ozotic 529 - The Sparkly Wonder

Ozotic 529 is an amazing sparkly starlight kind of thing. Select colors are now available at OverallBeauty.com, which will provide you great service, I promise! These are imported from Australia and are worth every penny. I actually wore this manicure so I can give you some idea of wear as well on this one.

It's incredibly difficult to photograph because it changes so much. There are a lot of swatches, so be forewarned.

The sparkle in this is blue and purple. These appear to be in a clear sheer black base with a great sparkle, but it's not glitter. These will dry pretty smooth.

OverallBeauty recommends putting the Ozotics sparklies over black, which is where Cash Black came in (see the last post). It gives it a firm base. I think these on their own would be a hot mess. They sparkle isn't dense, it spreads out in the application, giving a night sky sort of appearance. However, it's dense enough that you don't really need to layer it unless you feel you simply must.

As the polish is moved through light, it changes colors, it shifts. It's really amazing. It's not a holo, not even close.

You can see here the differences just on the curve of the nail, how on each finger you can see different colors. It's stunning and eye catching.

Meh. Kind of a crap swatch, actually. But you can see the particles.

A bottle shot...see there is even a little pink in here. Very nice.

So this was:

1 coat Seche base coat
1 coat Nailtiques Formula 2
2 coats Seche Rebuild strengthener
2 coats  BB Couture Cash Black
1 coat Ozotic 529
1 coat Seche Vite top coat

This wore beautifully until it didn't. It came off in huge peeled chunks. On some nails. On others there was practically no wear at all. It appeared to almost dry out and flake off. it was strange. Because this was such a complex manicure, I couldn't really repair it.

The Ozotic went on easily enough, no need to rearrange anything, not that I think you could. The particles are very small, almost micro. It dries almost smooth. It's very smooth, but a good top coat will clear up any random lumpies very easily.

Pretty great!

Happy Talons!

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