Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sparklies part two!

Illamasqua Spartan is the gold twin to Harsh. It's a micro chunky glitter that takes no prisoners. Possibly because Spartans didn't take prisoners. I don't think...I think they may have taken slaves....I'm not sure. Ancient history isn't really my forte, but it definitely doesn't make me think of this kind of Spartan:

It could I guess.

This is one coat. The glitter is a little less dense than in Harsh but at two coats:

Oooo. Three coats wouldn't hurt this at all, but I only did two for the sake of the swatch.

This is the same chunky teeny glitter as harsh only in gold. Gold isn't the best on me, but it's OK. This almost looks to be in a clear yellow jelly base, but I wouldn't swear to it. The gold is so gold it could just be changing the way we perceive a clear base.

Definitely wearable. I didn't try one of Harsh and Spartan together. That could be quite magical, I imagine! Maybe I will at some point!

Wear some Spartan! Feel like a sparkly ornament!

Happy Talons!

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