Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spent the day Swatching

My readers! I spent all day swatching, trying different things, taking pictures. I find, that though it is work, I like being able to put out a post almost every day. Lord knows, I have the polish! I just need to get it snapped and show it to you. So I spent my day on a lot of ButterLondon, some Illamasqua, and some Rescue Beauty Lounge. I also have my last manicure to post for you, a Deborah Lippmann with gorgeous pigment and not so gorgeous wear. I even swatched some Illamasqua makeup for you. I am ghostly pale, so we'll see how that works out.

Next up will be that Lippmann. Then we will see what I will write about next, but probably a swatch or two and then an A England! I haven't done an A England in awhile, which I regret because they are really great and a brand and a philosophy I love. Rumor has it a new line is getting ready to launch so maybe it's time to revisit. I also haven't forgot that I promised some Christmas colors and I have those ready to go. Or at least a couple. I spent all day and I need a break from the fumes!

Glitters. Ugh. They're pretty but you look like an escapee from a cheesy Vegas show afterwards. It doesn't come off and it sticks to everything. I have a lot of glitters for you.

So...Much is coming up! But not today. Boo.

Happy Talons!

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