Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ozotic 528

I only bought two of the Ozotics. They're on the pricey side and I've spent too much lately so, as you guys always hear, I'm on a buying hiatus!!! Strict No Buy! Well, one exception for the Rescue Beauty Lounge pre-sale of Bring it Backs, but that is IT!
But I digress yet again.

528 is a green and blue sparkle machine. It is really incredible to look at and more fun to wear!

Here's a preview of what you're in for. Swatch heavy again. This time I have some from the best swatch lighting in the world: my desk.

These come, incidentally, in these great rectangular bottles, which are easy to store, easy to hold and give you lots of bottle area to admire the color. Like.

See how this almost ombres down in color? It does that on the nail as well. You can see it here. You might want to click on this swatch to enlarge it.

The label shot. Kind of have to respect a company that doesn't feel the need to try for your attention with catchy and goofy names. As fun as the names are, it's kind of nice they let the polishes speak for themselves.

Another shot to let you see the bottle, but if you look at the middle finger here, you can see what this does quite well. It starts with a pinky fuschia, goes to blues, then a hint of purple and then green. Cool..

This shows it pretty well again. Even though the pose is different the color order is somehow the same. These play in the light.

Blurry shot to show the sparkle.

I loved this one, in case you can't tell.

These are all taken in sort of normal lighting. Just a lamp.

You can see here that the sparkle does cause some texture on the nail, but it's nothing you can't cure with a top coat. I don't think these had top coat on at the time the swatches were taken.

And now the desk shots!!! See how this lights up? Imagine the sun! I would have liked to have got you a sunlight swatch but that would have required the sun and I haven't seen it in days.

The only problem is that the flash only shows the green, but as the green wasn't all that cooperative before, is that really so bad?

Just to show another angle.

Last one!

This was over BB Couture Cash Black. The recommendation is to put these Ozotics over black because you'd never achieve a real density with doing so. I do wonder how this would do over say, Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle. Maybe I will have to try that one day!

I believe this manicure was 2 coats of Ozotic, which is where that heavy density of sparkle comes from but I would not swear to it. It's been a little while since I wore this.

Oh wait. There is another swatch!

OOO, the best for last!

Happy Talons!

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