Friday, December 23, 2011

butterLondon - Perfect Prezzie

And who doesn't want a Perfect Prezzie? I keep asking for an Aston Martin and one keeps not appearing. I guess I have to settle for this perfect prezzie and while it's no Aston, it is pretty driveable.

One coat. Pretty good coverage but another is needed. This is a pretty pigmented lacquer, lots of color and I've always loved the formula.

Two coats. Ahh, see? That's much better. But you could see from that first swatch, you're not having any concerns with this. Not streaky, covers well. 2 coats just intensifies the color and makes it completely opaque.

Bottom of the bottle shot, just for scuz. See the nice cuticles? Nice application!

This, as you can see, is a pretty burgundy with red undertones. It's understated and elegant, no sparkle to speak of. There is a hint of gold that you can see in the bottle and while it's not obvious on the nail, the polish does have a certain je ne sais quoi, probably owing to the gold. I wouldn't change a thing about this, I pretty much love it as it is.

Really lovely, slightly brown...very very wearable. This is probably going to look good on most everyone.

This is definitely office appropriate. I'm wearing it now and getting a lot of compliments on it. It's chipping some, but I think I can repair it easily enough. I've been hard on my hands the last few days.

What do you think? Though this is last year's color it's still easily available. My local Ulta is carrying these now and while I rarely pick them up there, I do like to go look and then order from either or more likely straight from butterLondon themselves. They ship fast and if you sign up for the offers you can often get great freebies, sometimes even free lacquers.

Happy Talons!

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