Monday, December 5, 2011

Bb Couture - Cash Black

Cash Black is sweet glossy black polish. It's inky and deep. I'm not generally a big black polish wearer, but I admit that sometimes it is the depth you need under something more sheer. That was the reason I bought this. That post will be tomorrow to explain further so wait for it!

I only have a couple pictures of it because...well, how many pics do you need of a straight up black cream? Plus, I managed to get it ALL over me, which was bloody brilliant.

True black and the gloss is compliments of BB Couture. This doesn't have a top coat. I'm not sure how I managed to get it all over me...seems to me I nearly spilled it. So, I guess, take that as a sign of good wear. I couldn't get it off!

VERY black.

As usual for BB Couture, this went on beautifully and everywhere! It's creamy and applies easily. The litmus! Look at the cuticles, they look about perfect and as ever that is not me. I have a good technique but it's far from perfect. Without good polish I will have a mess, but these are always reliable in formula.

If you need a good black, this one will do the trick!

Happy Talons!

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