Sunday, December 4, 2011

BB Couture - Sinfully Polished, the Women's Collection - Lust

Lust...This is going to be one short post, peeps. The thing pictures for this were all RED. I mean...there isn't really a lot of red in this polish so I deleted most of my swatches. I kept the one that is reasonably true to life and another that I tried to doctor so you could see why you aren't getting the normally 4-5 swatches, but that's about it. None of the rest were representative of anything.

Lust is a dirty orange brown. It's not really orange, it's not really's about the color of cooked pumpkin. Know what I mean? It's a straight up cream, no shimmer or hidden anything. BMWWU would call it "baby poop". But it's a baby poop that looks surprisingly good on me.

I wouldn't call this pretty looks very chocolate milk colored here, but it's really a tad lighter than this and a smidge more orange. This is the best I have though. Look at this hot mess:

It looks nothing like this. I don't know what happened. I tried to lighten this, I tried to fiddle with the colors...It still looks more burnt orange and it's not. So...

Formula was great, applied nicely, well pigmented...just apparently it throws off the camera somehow! I'm sorry! When I wear this, and I'm sure I will, I will have to do another post on it with new swatches. What a drag!

Happy Talons!

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