Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SpaRitual Wilde Collection - Spirit Child

Spirit Child is a lovely berry shimmer. It has a nice kind of iridescence about it. There is an odd gold sort of sense to it. It's not very outward, but it's there. I liked this whole collection. The formula, though...gads.

Erp. Please ignore that damage to my index nail...that was an ongoing issue. It's done now? But now I have nubbins...these are a couple weeks old. Regardless...

There is a lot of blue in this, but you couldn't call it purple. There is a lot of red, but it's not burgundy. It's just...berry! There is a hint of brown...you can see a hint of the gold I mentioned in the bottle but I think this shows it better:

Just there around the label. And for some reason, since this is blurry, I was able to show the shimmery finish of this. If memory serves, this covered a bit better than some of the others, but they were all pretty impossible. I was so depressed!

These colors are so gorgeous, so jewel toned and lovely, I love the concept...They are just so difficult!

Well, you can see there. I don't normally have THAT much overspray. That should be telling you something. It's so pretty and it looks nice on me. I mean, this is definitely not the most original of the collection, but it's pretty. If you're like me and you like the whole set, then this is definitely do-able, but...I can't imagine this wore any better than Instinct did. Just...ugh. I could bawl.

I guess if you need a polish to get you through dinner you'd be good? I don't know. Anyone out there ever worn these with a different top coat, maybe SpaRituals? Would it make a difference?


Happy Talons, anyways!

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