Monday, October 3, 2011

Orly Mineral FX Stone Cold Part Deux

I figured out the upload problem! YAY! So here are the other Stone Cold swatches for you. It's so pretty, I couldn't stand that I had these other pictures and I couldn't post them! That is not what I'm all about here.

So here they are.

See all the blues? I don't think there is anything in this polish that isn't a shade of blue.

So sparkly! I didn't even have to blue this up to show the sparkle. I love this polish.


OK. I feel so much better I got these to load! Maybe I should have just edited the previous post but you know what? I kind of feel like we're all on this journey of polish discovery together. So...why hide the trials and tribulations?

The other colors in this collection are coming. Since I was able to load these I was able to get it all to load. Pretty awesome.

Happy Talons!

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