Saturday, October 1, 2011

Interrupting these Orly Swatches for Cheeky Monkey!

Cheeky Monkey is a polish company from Canada. As you can tell by the name, these ladies like to have fun. If you are like me, and you get a very perverse kick out of telling people you are wearing polish colors called things like "Filthy Madam" or "Cheap Whore" then this might be a brand for you. They are not cheap, plus you have to get them here from Canada but...I am worth it. Today's offering is the lovely and duo-chromey Raunchy Bitch. Yes. You read that right. Raunchy Bitch.

Stay with me! It's amazing.

Oooooo. I know, right? And how fun is that bottle? The tag you see there is a little motivational tidbit. They attach different ones to all the polish. You will also receive a fun cocktail recipe with your order. If you check out the website you can read little stories that all women, if they are honest with themselves, can identify with. Find the one about the car accident in the snow storm. Hells to the yeses.
I had a hard time getting the picture I wanted and I don't know that I have it yet. This is more royal purple than it is blue but I'm afraid it photographed blue no matter what I did. We'll see. I tried.

But...not that this swatch is inaccurate, though. It is. This is a lovely and stable? duo-chrome. By stable I mean, the colors do not flash like a holo, nor do they transform like a more aggressive duo-chrome, think Chanel Peridot as an example (See the list on the right, I've reviewed it if you want a better idea what I'm saying here.)  Raunchy Bitch, and how much do I love that, looks blue when it wants to look blue. It looks purple when it wants to look purple and it COMMITS to the color choice. No purple on one side blue on the other stuff here. But it is completely amazing. It's a gorgeous color. I highly recommend wearing it with a pinky purple as I did today. Looked terrific.

I have a ton of swatches so I'm going to try to weed out only the best ones and hopefully find something that will show you the purple side. The bottle looks purple up there? Incidentally, how fun is the bottle? Yeah, I know, right? Too fun!

OK. Hm...I found one. It's crap. I'm just warning you right now. It's fuzzy, it's's an art shot. However, this is true to color, I swear.

Ugh. Please, just look at the color, OK?

This is one of Raunchy Bitch's other incarnations, this amazing amethyst. In the real world this has some shimmer. I have a bottle shot that shows it beautifully.

Mmm. See that in the top of the bottle? You can see the duo here as well. Blue in the middle, purple around the corners. This is a stunner. It is edgy though, so keep that in mind when you're planning work outfits.

As far as application goes, this was fantastic, really. I had sat down to do my nails and keep my Moms happy and my Dads came in and turned my light off. I painted my nails in the dark and they still turned out. There just isn't a lot of light coming from Jane Eyre to paint by, lads. Just isn't. I had dry issues with this as well. Even with Seche on it it still took awhile and I messed some tips up. I will say though, that just slapping some more lacquer on those spots did fix them easily and with very little fuss. I am suffering some tip wear, but I'll update you on that in a few days, hopefully. No chips, it's wearing pretty well.


1. 1 coat Seche base coat
2. 1 coat Nailtiques 2
3. 2 coats Seche Rebuild
4. 2 coats Cheeky Monkey Raunchy Bitch
5. 1 coat Seche Vite Top coat

Lovely, isn't it? These can be purchased at Cheeky Monkey. It's a fun site, check it out!

Happy Talons!

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