Sunday, October 23, 2011

SpaRitual Wilde Collection - Instinct

First off, so sorry it's been such a long time. I've been home almost a week, but I've been jet lagged and exhausted. It's ridiculous. I fall asleep on the floor. Unreal.

For my first trip to Europe, BMWWU and I wanted to do an edgy exciting color and we chose SpaRitual Instinct. Oh my. It's gorgeous, it truly is. But what a nightmare. Watery, thin, it applied everywhere. Cuticles, fingers, BMWWU...there might be some on the walls of the salon. It was basically an application disaster. And then it wore for approximately 20 hours before it chipped. So not thrilled. BMWWU was homicidal by the time we got it on and it wore less than a day. IF you are one of those people who doesn't mind that, then read on. It's really beautiful. We even applied it over gels, the theory being that if the Instinct wore off, then I'd still have gels to go under it, which also didn't work out but this post isn't about that.

Here's the color, in all it's gorgeous glory:

These are swatches I took before my manicure, this wasn't the manicure. Please don't think BMWWU would paint my cuticles like that. She definitely wouldn't. But isn't that pretty? Shimmery amethyst goodness?

It's a hot color. It has a hint of fuschia to it...It's a shame it was such a train wreck.

This goes on so thin, this might have been three coats for the swatch.

I loved this collection. I'm so upset this was such a mess. Look at how pretty that is. On the middle nail you can see the particles which give it it's depth, the hot hot pink shows at the edges of the nails...what's not to love? Well, it's not a love affair so much as a one night stand. It sneaks out on you in the morning.

So, this was my first real experience with SpaRitual the colors. Hate the application and the wear. Hate it. I don't think I'll waste any more money on them. I think I have maybe 10 bottles? They'll be the only ten, unfortunately, unless there is something I can't live without. It's not worth the trouble. I have other pretty amethysts that will wear at least a whole day and probably longer.


Since I still have half the collection to swatch for you, I won't keep braining you with how badly this wore. I don't have pictures because I was in Germany, I didn't have my phone, I couldn't have uploaded them if I did, and then getting them off my old phone would have been a nachtmare, so I didn't bother with it. Take my word for it, though. Fugly. Just sad.


Try to have happy talons!

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