Saturday, October 1, 2011

Changes to the blog...

I wanted to alert my readers that I may start having advertising on the site. I am unsure about how this works and what all is involved, but hopefully this will not be annoying to anyone. I will still not, nor will I ever, receive compensation to review anything I talk about. I think that's unethical. However, if I can take some of the proceeds of this blog to help cover some of my residual costs, such as internet usage, photo storage, etc, and give the leftovers to the animal rights groups and wildlife refuge/habitat/conservation outfits then...I am good with that.

I'm also toying with changing the blog format. I may change it for awhile, see if it works, if I like it. I have a cute one chosen...if you guys hate it, please speak up!

Just some changes I'm considering!

Happy Talons!

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