Monday, October 10, 2011

SpaRitual Wilde Collection - Howl Aaaaoooooooo!!!!

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you're probably aware that I tend to flock to things wolvish, which is odd. I'm not much a wolf person, but I'm far more likely to choose a were over a vamp (Team Alcide all the way...especially if that lovely Joe fellow who plays him continues to run around shirtless. Yes.), sing along with Warren Zevon wishing my hair were perfect at Trader Vic's, and if it's called Howl? I'm probably picking it up. What??? That Illamasqua lipstick wound up being gorgeous.

So it's no wonder I had been waiting on Howl. I waited on this whole collection for a small eternity. Stupid technology.

It's a very very dark brown with hints of gold in it.

You can see it in the's really not black.

Now you can see it on the nail. You may wish to click the swatch to see it bigger.

It's a lovely fall brown and it does remind me of the color of wolf or coyote fur. Of course...our coyotes around here look very Wile E...skinny, lanky, dusty looking. This is the color I'd like to think coyotes might be and know that wolves are.

This is a great sparkle pic. See how pale it makes my hands, though? I don't wear browns well at times. I love the gold shimmer, though...

However I do have a side note for you. See all the overspray? This polish was difficult to apply. I've never really worn SpaRitual before, though I had heard they were watery, I had no idea they meant more opaque than watercolors with all the lack of manageability. It's downright runny. BMWWU says to leave the lid off for an hour or so. I've not tried it yet but I will because these colors are so gorgeous.

I have one more swatch...

The idea was to show you that this isn't that blackened but maybe I'm kidding myself. It definitely does the dark around the edges look that I love, and I love the subtle hints of gold. I just didn't jump for joy at the application or the service from the site I ordered from. That is a story for another day, though!

Happy Talons!

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