Thursday, October 6, 2011

Orly Mineral FX Rock the World - The Last of the Collection

Orly Mineral FX Rock the World...I've been working on the swatches of this, trying to think what I can say to describe it to you.

I came up with a whole lot of nothing! It's such a strange color.

Without the sparkle...maybe I need to start there because the color is really just a vehicle for the sparkle with this polish. It's a rosy brown?

It's not chocolate...there is a lot of pink in it. It's really nice on my skin tone and I like this polish a lot. I'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite from this collection. This would have to be up there, it's just such a dichotomy of things. A really sedate pinkish brown holding together a collection of gold sparkle that jazzes this up ten fold.

Even just check the bottle....It's sparkle central in there.

At first I thought this would end up being a dud. The base color is really rather meh, but then you see it on and all the elements are working so well together. I think this is definitely one I will wear a lot.

I certainly took enough pictures of it! Even in my odd lighting I still got a ton of sparkle showing in this.

Last one! This shot makes it look really rather brown...

As with them all, this went on thick but really easily. Look at my cuticles, those are always a teller on how manageable the polish is. Really nice looking cuticle lines means easy to use polish!

I love this, it's just so kind of odd but not. Love.

Happy Talons!

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