Thursday, October 27, 2011

SpaRitual Wilde Collection - Running With Wolves

OK, I'm not really much of a brown kind of person. I wear black as my base color. This is partly because I can't color coordinate to save my butt, but also because it's just simpler. However, I do get on these brown nail polish kicks. I am pointing this out because while "wolves" might conjure up images of brown, red or grey large dog sort of creatures with cute pointy ears and sharp teeth.

Running With Wolves is nothing like that. It's the color of the cute pointy eared thing cast in bronze and it's gorge.

OK, it's a little less gold than bronze. But it's still lovely, don't you think?

This has that same super shimmery look to it the rest of the collection has. I love it. (Tries hard not to mention the horrible formula)

Such a pretty Fall color...or a deep tan summer color. This is flexible. It's so amazingly glam, but also so wearable.

Where couldn't you wear this? I can't think of a place. It's amazing and looks lit from within, but it's not in your face.

It's kind of the color of Autumn leaves. I really liked this and was surprised to find it was one of my favorites of this collection. I'm sure there are similar polishes out there, but this one speaks to me. It says "run with us....aoooooo!"

Happy Talons!

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