Friday, October 7, 2011

butterLondon Bluey

butterLondon Bluey is touted as a peacock. Everyone I asked said peacock...I still say "mallard". Ever seen a male mallard's head? It's this dark blue-green...

Male Mallard

See the kind of iridescence? It's blue green, it's just plain green and it's just plain blue? That's Bluey.


See that? That's not Bluey. That's "peacock" and it's a lot bluer.

Wanna see?

Mmmm....sparkly mallard!

See? Too much green to be peacock. These pictures are a couple days old from when I painted my nails. I was caught up in fighting with the Orly swatches and I didn't get this loaded in a timely manner. Sorry! But...this is dark compared to real life, but it's not a bad representation of the color. It's slightly brighter in real life. I think the last shot is better.

Yeah...what is up with the shadows. I feel like I'm shooting Hitchock...

This polish has a lot of sparkle. It's lively and bright but...oddly subdued. It's more curious than attention demanding. I enjoyed wearing it. It is photographing a bit more green than it actually is, but this is close. Note the tip wear. I think this was 3 days old? I don't have any pics, but when it decided to implode it did it big time. Big ass blow out, dudes. HUGE chips. No little pissy chips for Bluey. Oh no. It peeled off half my nail surface. My nail was fine, but it was half bald!

Honestly, it seemed to have the attitude of when it was done it was done. It chipped and peeled all over the place. Interesting.


1 coat Seche bast coat
1 coat Nailtiqes 2
2 coats butterLondon Nail Foundation
2 coats Bluey
1 coat Seche Vite top coat

This didn't really want to dry and my one thumbnail, you may even be able to see it above, did a very odd surface crack thing. The nail appears to be strong but something odd went on there. I have no idea what. It was actually tactile. So weird.

This applied wonderfully, as butters tend to do. It's nicely pigmented and covers well. I find the Nail Foundation really extends the life of the polish. I think this one wore for about 6 days, one of which is scrubbed a sink with comet and no gloves. This was tough! Through it all, though, the polish held it's sparkle and shimmer. Pretty sweet.


Happy Talons!

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