Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SpaRitual Wilde Collection - Rhythm of Life

Such a pretty glowy emerald green!

This really is a gorgeous jewel emerald. There is nothing toned down or sedate about this. It's so green. It makes me think of the Serengeti...probably more a Lion King Rhythm of Life sort of connection as I would think the Serengeti would be more golden, but...well, anyways. It's pretty. It's Irish emerald green.

*SIGH* but there we have it again...the thin, thin formula. See the nails? It's not just nail line. Oh no. You can see the whole nail there. This was two coats. TWO. If it were supposed to be sheer, well then, what would I be complaining about? Well, nothing, because I don't really care for sheers. But if I *had* bought this as a sheer, I'd have put a neutral under it and then polished it to make it opaque. I didn't do that because I never dreamt I'd need to! Something to be aware of if you decide to go for this color. Honestly, why wouldn't you? It's stunning.

So pretty!! And you can see the nail! AUGH!

It's so shimmery it's almost metallic. I do love this color. I just wasn't stubborn enough to keep applying it until it I got it completely opaque.

So...this decision you have to make for yourselves, lads. Thin formula and a lot of it worth it? Up to you!

Happy Talons!!!

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