Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day. How I hate it.

I do. For one thing, it's completely contrived. For another, if you're a single woman of a certain age it's torture. It needs to be one of those Second Sunday in February kinds of holidays so I don't have to go to work and play nicey nicey and instead can stay home and watch war movies. BUT I have to go out in public because I like getting a paycheck and so I traditionally wear all black, even my underwear. It's my own way of thumbing my nose at a day specifically designed to make me feel bad about my life choices. I debated and debated about what color to put on for the gruesome frivolities and here were some of my choices. They weren't chosen so much for color as name, though these kinds of colors would tend to be dark.

I'm not going to talk a lot about the colors because these aren't reviews. They're merely suggestions for you, if you happen to have to the same hatred of holidays designed to make you feel badly for being single and you share my rather sarcastic and dark sense of humor. Tomorrow I will share with you what I ultimately wore because that will be a full on review.

Deborah Lippmann Maneater. This is an older color but I did check and it's still out there to be had. Not on LippmannCollection.com, but it IS still out there. It's a jelly and didn't cover well, but this is a swatch and therefore doesn't have the underpinnings of a normal manicure. Chocolate brown, it makes me think of poo. I will wear this at some point and see if it still reminds me of poo when it's properly applied.

OK. Maybe I am going to babble about them.

BB Couture Nightmare. I have this on my toes currently. You're welcome. I didn't feel you should be subjected to my toes if I could help it. It's a deep dark red with red sparkly which works surprisingly well. Probably because the base is a jelly and doesn't overpower the glitter. Love this.

Manic Panic blood thirsty. Wow. And I mean...wow. Dark purple shimmer and slightly metallic sheen with a fuschia flash. For $4? I am constantly impressed with this brand. Good application and fantastic color. Plus, the cute little bottles with the witch hat caps, which are very easy to use. This almost replaced the one I wound up wearing. This was love at first sight. Ironically. Careful, though. This one is a stainer.

butter LONDON Marrow. I had to throw this in because of the name. This is such a special polish. I mean...look at it. Muted dusty lavender with silver micro shimmer? Sign. Me. Up. I love this and it looks good on my skin tone. And the name is definitely sort of creepy.

 Rescue Beauty Lounge - The Tudor Collection - Anne. What better for a despised holiday devoted to love and relationships than a polish inspired by a queen considered to be a witch who ended a contented marriage, divided Britain into decades of religious upheaval and revolution and was the first to be beheaded for allegedly committing adultery with her own brother? I mean, it's custom made! And...it's gorgeous. Complex and shimmery, it's almost impossible to describe. And old Anne wasn't all bad. She was independent, intelligent, educated and by some arguments a feminist. Her polish, however, is inspired, and was re-released recently as a BIB. Go now and get!

Rescue Beauty Lounge - The Tudor Collection - Catherine H. Another beheaded queen. Henry was hard on queens. I wouldn't have married the guy on a bet, but that's me. As you can see, this is another really special polish. It's a pale cornflower blue with silver and blue shimmer in it. It's as light and airy as Catherine Howard was reputed to be, basically being a pubescent child who bewitched Henry with her simple childlike innocent demeanor that was in reality anything but. The girl wasn't sporting a moral compass that pointed due North and things ended badly for her. And the rest of the Howards, frankly, as many were also executed for treason. Norfolks didn't do well. 
Interesting to me how different Catherine H and Marrow are. Same basic color family because you could say Catherine was a purple and make it stick, but so incredibly different. 

I stayed away from the blacks, though I was really really tempted to put Illamasqua Scorn in this mix. Black seemed too predictable. 

Stay tuned to see what the V-Day mani was!!

Happy Talons!


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