Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit

FINALLY. A Rescue Beauty from this haul that I liked.
Orbis, as it is commonly known, is one from a set that Rescue Beauty had some bloggers do awhile back. I managed to snag it, and you still can too, as a part of the BIB2 set.

Orbis is a dark dirty kind of green. It's moody, it's complicated and it's YAY highly pigmented.

This is a pretty accurate reading on this color, though, as I always try to do, I'm letting you know I had to dim the exposure on this after the fact. It came out almost light olive. Too much flash! But this is very close to color accurate.

It's good on me, I think!

Here is where you can see the complexity. And the moody muddiness. This is just a different angle. It's not a duo-chrome, by any stretch, but it is definitely a chameleon. It's a cream, goes on nicely and thickly and has a lot of color in it. THIS is opaque!

This is it exactly. It's nice, yes? I like this one a lot. It's edgy but it's not screaming at you, and it is eye catching. It's making a statement and that statement is The World is Not Enough! Which is what Orbis Non Sufficit means.

Unfortunately, these are all the swatches I have of it. I had others but they did not turn out at all and I canned them. I'm sure I will wear this as a full manicure so there will be another full post of this at some point.

I hope you like this too! This is a limited edition re-release so if you want it, rush over to and pick it up!

Happy Talons!

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