Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-Day, What I wore

Yeah...I ultimately chose an almost sarcastically cheerful color. It's a matte, which is even better. It looks like dulled down Valentine's hearts. In a few days you can expect an update on this color, I'm sure, as I'll have to find out what it looks like with a top coat, but not until after Tuesday.

ManGlaze. I love them. They have such a sense of humor and are slightly rough around the edges, well, slightly is up for grabs there, and they make a great polish, which is even better. This polish has two names, revealing the sort of random nature of the humor over there, so while at work I can honestly tell people this color is "Blue". In reality, it's called "Fuck off and Dye". perfect is that for someone who is not enjoying 40 hours a week of her environment and is at her most hated day of the year? (Probably the label for this on the post will be F*** Off and Dye, just to keep from freaking anyone out.)

It's actually gorgeous.

Love the labels. OK, so as you can see, we have a hot pink matte with silver shimmer. These shots were taken in a rare bit of Winter sunshine through the window so they are very true. Love when that happens. I did all the swatches yesterday I could stand to do just because I had such great light. The shimmer in this is rather understated.

Look at me trying to be all PC and shite. Covering up the label name...Ha. OK. so...yeah, I had some breakages and didn't get to my regular manicure. Between BMWWU being really, really sick and my being really, really broke (more on that in posts to come) did not happen. I cannot shape my nails for crap, I think I've probably mentioned this. Please forgive the nubbin. When I break them I don't screw around. You should see my right hand.

I love the sheen of these mattes. ManGlaze isn't a dead sort of matte. It has a sheen to it, but it's still powdery in feel. My nails feel like they have a baby powder over them...almost like corn starch, really. I love it. I never thought I'd like mattes, but I really do. I also love that rubberized texture Illamasqua did for their last new collection.

The silver shimmer in there gives it a very soft look. And relatively tidy cuticles. This is an easy polish to apply but by this point I had probably swatched about 20 colors so I was getting tired. Also, mattes dry super fast, which can make them a tad tricky.

According to this was created in response to the uproar that wearing nail polish turns little boys into little girls, which is, of course, crap. However, that perception has been the foundation of rock star performance art for decades. It's incongruous, I admit, not in the least bit traditional but I don't think all the skater punks around where I work are going to develop drag queen careers any time soon, either. Everyone needs to just live and let live. Kind of the theme of these V-Day posts, if you think about it.

This went on thick and dried fast. Obviously, I didn't top coat it. I suspect I will just have to try it in a few days, though. That's me.

I wonder what butter LONDON Disco Biscuit would do to this? I'm still trying to find a way to save the train from wrecking on that.

I couldn't decide which was the better picture between this and the next so you get both. Sometimes it works like that.

Nice, huh?

OK, Mechanically:
1 coat Poshe Base Coat
1 coat Nailtiques 2
2 coats Fiberglass Network. I tried to go back to Rebuild and it wouldn't dry. I think that bottle is cooked.
2 coats ManGlaze Fuck off and Dye

I expect great wear from this, that has been my experience, but I'll update you as it happens!

Happy Talons!

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