Friday, February 10, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas

Mismas....purple cream, but not just an ordinary purple cream. This is a rich tapestry velvety purple.

This is a strong bold grape soda kind of purple. It's very pretty, very bright and surprisingly wearable. Picture this with a pair of comfy jeans and some soft flats or boots...yummy color.

Purple is definitely my favorite color. Purple and red, but when it comes to polish...I think it's purple. You can see in the bottle that this wants to look lighter than it actually is. These pictures are pretty dead on, really.

OOOOO. This is a good swatch. See how creamy this polish is, how shiny the finish. This is two coats, nice neat cuticles showing you how easily this goes on, how easy it is to handle.

This is just...purple. It's the purple that was in your box of crayons when you were little and it still has a bit of that waxy feel to the color.

This has such great color. It's so highly pigmented and rich. Don't you love it?

This too, was part of the BIB2 collection. Go quick before they are all snatched up!

Happy Talons!

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