Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge 360

360 is s o beautiful! It's a lovely grey sort of blue. I really love this color. It's a little more blue than I was able to successfully photograph, but you will get a pretty close idea.

It's not quite this green, but this is very close. It's a complex color, difficult to photograph. But so worth the effort!

This is quite good. It's a smokey, misty color. It makes me think of the ocean sky when it's overcast, was supposedly inspired by the ocean, so I'd say it was a raging success in that case!

This is two coats as well as the last few posts. You can see just a hint of that nail repair on the middle finger, but because this is a thicker lacquer it's filling it in and covering it up. Nice if you have a problem nail like that.

It's such a relaxing and subdued color. There is something very restful about it, peaceful. I like it!

Nice shot of the back of the bottle. Color accurate and clear. You can see just what this is.

This is another of the BIB2 colors, but it's still available. I'd pick it up if this is your kind of thing. I think many different skin tones can pull off this color. It's so neutral but anything but dull.

Little different light here, you can see more of the blue here. I love these not really sure how to describe them colors. They make my job harder! But I like them. I like colors that make me ponder them.

Last one.
I love how in the swatches you can see you're not looking at a cadet blue. I think this color would be easily misconstrued as that. It's not that blue. It's just...indescribable. Though I AM trying!

I hope you like it! Pick this one up, it's great!

Happy Talons!

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