Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pink Shimmer. Good Lord.

OK. SO...if you read yesterday's post you know I hate sheers. I didn't hate this. I just don't love this one, either. It's sheer. I think maybe these two together...I don't know. I think I would use this as a top coat. Again, this is two coats, it is from before I started to realize that a one coat then a two coat swatch is probably something worth looking at.

It's not quite this ivory in real life, but it IS very pale. I think it's more opaque than Opaque Pink.

Did that sound bitter? I think I am a little bitter over that one.

You can see the shimmer particles in the polish in the bottle. Please click to make this larger if you want to see. This is really kind of pretty but I think it's a little like shimmery mannequin hands on me because I am so beyond pale.

These last two show the hint of pink in this. This is a pale elegant sort of pink. But as you can see, it has some issues - the application on this was a bit streaky and uneven. I may try this again on a full manicure - with base coat and everything and see if it performs better. I suppose both this and Opaque Pink deserve that chance. Once again here you can see the shimmer in the bottle. I encourage you to click and expand it. It's full of shimmery goodness.

I still don't think it's great on me, though. I think you need a darker complexion to really show this off. On my ghostly whiteness this is a bit stark.

Wow. This is showing off every flaw in my nails. Look at how ridgey they look! I don't have nail ridges. Base coat. This needs a really good base coat, or a pink to layer over.

Yeah. Bleah.
I don't hate it but I'm sure not grabbing this without a plan for it. I wonder what this would do over white.

Happy Talons!

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