Sunday, February 12, 2012

butterLONDON Tart with a Heart - Dressing Table Set

The first I'm going to show you from the Dressing Table set from butterLONDON is Tart with a Heart. It's a lovely and amazing pinky gold chunky glitter. It has an amazing amount of stuff going on in it.

Yeah, OK, it's sheer. I know, I don't like sheers, but really this should be over something else. I am not sure it really matters what for you won't be looking at it. Just in this swatch alone you can see pink, blue, purple, gold, green, teal...I bet if you keep looking at it, you'll see even more.
This is one coat. It would work very well as a top coat.

You can see here how dense the glitter is and that it's all different shapes and probably sizes, actually. It's hard to tell because there is so much of it.

This is a weird shot, I know but I wanted you to be able to see how dense the glitter is. It's blurry, which shows the sparkle, but you can see what I'm trying to show you. This is basically a bunch of really pretty tiny glitter held together with some clear pinkish lacquer.

OK, two coats. You could do this alone if you wanted. Probably three coats would get you a fairly opaque cover. I like this, though. Even though it's sheer. It's so pretty. It's like fireworks!

I think the camera was blinded by the bling.

Ehhhhh, I'd like a base coat under this, I think. I don't like nail lines. This is pretty and you could do it, but I think I'd prefer this as a top coat.

Lots of glitter!
This was easy to apply too, for a glitter. It's chunky, you have to pay attention, and this won't dry smooth. That would be almost too much to hope for. It needs a good top coat over it to make it smooth.

I'm so glad I got this shot. It is showing the crystal quality of this. It looks like I dipped my finger in some kind of decorator sugar. I love this. It's like a stained glass window or something.

OK, last one. This is just another shot at how gorgeous this is. You can't see much pink in this and there really isn't much to be had. Just a hint is all. That's really all you need. You wouldn't be looking at the pink anyways.

How can you not have Happy Talons with something like this in the world?

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