Sunday, February 5, 2012

Illamasqua Baptiste

Illamasqua Baptiste is a shimmery royal purple which you got to see some of in the last post, which was long ago and far away. I apologize for that. This week was hectic to say the least, and I ran out of time. I was going to post yesterday but woke up sick and spent the day on my floor watching nonsense television. That was about all I accomplished, too. I managed to make dinner, which turned out quite well, but I didn't eat a lot of it.  Bleah.

Baptiste did really well on wear, which isn't a big surprise. Illamasqua's work quite well for me, I get a lot of wear out of them normally and this was no different. I did put this on last Sunday night. I took it off yesterday, which was about a day late, but like I said, I was sickly. When it decided to go it went big, peeling off in large chunks, which I compulsively had to help along.

I have one kind of...make an example of swatch here. I feel badly because I know that sometimes I am complaining on here about lighting and what a challenge it can be. Here is a swatch of Baptiste in full light with a flash.

Purple...but mostly blue. Very blue. However, Change the lighting, remove the glaring light and you get a truer version of the color:

See why I get frustrated and complain? It's a much redder purple. It's a true purple. It has a shimmer in it, which you can see in the blue blue picture, and you will be seeing again in other pictures.

You can see the shimmer here as well. Very purple, very regal, very gorgeous. I loved wearing this.

Little different light, a little blurry...but it shows the color very nicely.

The best of the lot. This is an absolutely accurate picture of this color. I think, for you who go by season, that this is good for any of them. It's very classy but it's not boring! Never boring.

The mechanics of this:

1 coat Seche Vite Base Coat
1 coat Nailtiques 2
2 coats Fiberglass Network
2 coats Illamasqua Baptiste
1 coat Poshe Top Coat

This went on beautifully and no problems. I think I had some problems...but it wasn't the polish. I wound up with this Alllll OVER ME! That wasn't the polish's fault. That was bad painting. You can see it all cleaned up just fine.

I hope you like this! Now I'm facing the exact same dilemma I was facing a week ago: What color? I have moved a bunch of stuff, including my polish drawers and I need to clean them up. I suspect inspiration will be forthwith.

Happy Talons!

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