Saturday, February 11, 2012

Intro to the butter LONDON Dressing Table set

After a week of Rescue Beauty's, we're changing gears utterly and looking now at butter LONDON glitters. I had initially meant to show you all this in one post, but it would have so many pictures you would be lucky to be able to open the thing. So first I will show you how cute the set was, it's now unavailable. I know. I have promised not to do this to you. No stuff you can't get any longer! I have a caveat, though! The polishes are still available, just not in this set. I just want you to be able to see what a great imagination and presentation, and what fun, butter LONDON is! are some sneak previews of the set:

This little dresser came in a large clear plastic box. It was cumbersome and I got rid of it, not something I would ordinarily do. Look at how cute this thing is! It's a little cardboard thing and it was not stable at all. I had to kind of piece it together to get the pictures I got. Without the base piece that the feet of the table sat in, it sort of fell apart, but it's still adorable.

This one shows the sparkle in the polish more. You can see a touch more of the mirror as well. The polishes sat in little slots to keep them standing up.

OMG. Can you believe these two colors?? Look at the sparkle!! On the left we have Tart with a Heart and on the right The Black Knight. You can see just in these pictures that there is a lot going on here. Different colors and sizes of glitters. So completely wonderful.

More on these to follow!

Happy Talons!

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