Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow am I behind.

And I apologize. I have some great swatches and some great colors and I have things to say about them and...I can't get motivated. I am going through an odd time in my life. If I could be left alone to be a hermit, I'd be perfectly and sublimely happy. This is not strange for me, but strange for right now. I'm not sure how to explain that.

I have some swatches of BB Couture Intake Valve, which I put on Moms and it looked really nice! The swatches are of her talons so I really want to post them. She enjoyed having the pictures taken, which was really cute. But then...she went to see one of her doctors, she's been very ill, and he kind of snorted and when she asked if he didn't like it said "I like red". Hm. So now they are Estee Lauder Jungle Red, which I will not swatch on here because I've promised you not to show you colors you can't get any longer. It IS a great red, though.

I also have swatches of the mesmerizing Chanel Peridot. Cruelty free, Chanel. Who knew? I did a little digging and according to their website, they are all good. Though, I have to confess, I'm leaning more towards looking for the leaping bun simply because Leaping Bunny first of all, engages veterinarians in their decision making process and also because they are not politically motivated. Check them out: I think they may be a little strict and that's a good thing.

Then I have many many swatches of A England Tristam because it's mesmerizing and because I have a new phone and therefore a new camera and am trying to learn to do more than accidentally back out of the camera. Yeah. You should be wishing me all kinds of luck with that because I need it. It really is great polish and it really did go on beautifully, but that needs to go in the post when I finally get it written.

I am currently sporting Zoya Tanzy, which is a firey orange and looks way better on me than I would have ever anticipated. Gingery hues tend to be total rubbish on me but this one is working. It's gorgeous, truly. One day I will actually get in gear and show you.

I just wanted to let you know I wasn't forgetting you. I've just had motivational issues. I want to sit in front of my computer, for sure, but playing Dragon Age: Origins and the two Witcher games and otherwise being a total geekazoid, but not so much blogging. Which is a pity, because I honestly enjoy my blog...I don't know what my problem is. I'm in a slump.

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