Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learning Curve!

The good news is I learned to schedule my posts to show up. Now I can write several in advance and get them out here so there shouldn't be so much downtime with no posts. It was easy. I just needed to see instead of look.

I also figured out that I can write my blog in Word and it will post it over for me and then I need to just get in, add tags, and schedule. It didn't do pictures. I am still working on that. Pictures seem to be a problem for me every time. It does some weird formatting things as well, but I think I fixed some of that. It will take me a little while to get all the kinks out of trying to do this faster, easier and more efficiently.

The BEST news is that I'm caught up now! I have butter London Macbeth on and I have a couple pics of that. I need to write a post on it before I take it off and lose all inspiration.

Just thought I'd share the growing pains of a fledgling blog with you! It's been fun doing it so far and I look forward to writing. I find myself making mental notes all the time.

Oh. I still owe you guys a post on fixing chips...maybe I can get that written!

What are you all wearing today?

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