Thursday, July 21, 2011

butter LONDON [Mehbeth] Macbeth

I love my butters, RaptorJesus knows I do. They're wonderful and so much fun, plus the customer service is pretty damn good from their website, which is interesting and fun as well. I think it really reflects the character of the company.

I've had Macbeth in my stash for awhile. For my last manicure I was still in a Summer mood but I wanted something more sedate than the in your face sunshine of Zoya Tanzy so I pink or coral...not cray cray, but bright and cheerful. BMWWU and I chose this one. She said the other two I'd brought her, which I'm not sure now which ones they were, combined would make Macbeth so here we are.

I didn't get my swatches taken right away so I apologize. These are a few days old and about a thousand sink loads of dishes later. I had already repaired this mani once from all those stupid dishes, though I have to say, considering the torture Macbeth endured, it wore SO well. Only minor wear and chipping but it's such a bright color that I had to fix them.

Meh...I definitely bungled the cuticles there, and the Seche Vite I sealed up the repair with did its thing as well. I would have used a different top coat as we know Seche doesn't like dry lacquer but...well, I just didn't.

Here is another shot of it:

As you can see, Macbeth is a red coral creme.'s a red coral creme.
I have had a lot of compliments on it, it's very pretty. It's very Summery. It looks great on me and...meh. One makeup artist told me THIS is my color. And I find it so tame! It has great shine, it's a lovely color and I'm so Meh on it I could slap myself. Maybe it's just that after the more avant-garde colors I've been wearing it just seems ordinary to me right now. In fact, in these swatches, it looks red. It kind of is red? But there is definitely a coral taint going on. I'm not talking about Finding Nemo colored coral but the pinky red coral that they made jewelry from. My mother has a very old coral necklace from back before it was illegal to use it and it's exactly this color. It's not the orangeish shade we tend to think of as coral. 


It really is pretty. Maybe I should slap some glitter on it. Bedazzle it. It seems so...sedate. Meh. **shrugs**
I am a dork.

So, the BMWWU did this're getting the updates all out of order. Chanel Peridot will be next up and this came after that, but...whatevsies. That isn't the important part, is it?

The mechanics:
1. 2 coats Orly Nail Armour
2. 2 coats butterLondon Macbeth
3. 1 coat Poshe quick dry top coat dried under UV.

Then I repaired it: 
a swipe of Orly Nail Armour over the damaged tips, which I had smoothed down with nail lacquer THINNER
a swipe of Macbeth
Seche Vite top coat

This has worn really pretty well. As I mentioned I did do a quickie repair on the tips but this manicure is now a week old and for the most part is still intact. The formula was solid, I could tell, and was completely opaque in two coats. There is no phantom VNL here. It's covered. Nice and thick, she didn't have any problems applying it, though you can see I clearly did...**rolls eyes at self** and it's richly pigmented.

I just feel meh about it. Any thoughts?

Happy Talons!


  1. Hello! We have mutual friends through Sheila Sager and she linked me to your blog. I really like your nail polish blog and I wanted to know if you would be interested in collaborating on a post? I mostly write about fashion and trends, so a good post on a nice nail polish that is en vogue for A/W 11 would be really neat. Otherwise great blog!



  2. Sure! I'd love to. Let's get together and hash it out. I'm starting to get my hands on the Fall colors already but let me know what you have in mind and we'll come up with something.

    Thanks for the kind words! Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself out here!