Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just weird nail musings

I was complaining last post that my nails are too long for dark colors right now. Remember that I had missed my last mani because BMWWU and I were both sick? Yeah, we never really got around to rescheduling so I'm now close to a month with no mani and I will not re-shape them myself. I am a firm believer in knowing where you fail and I fail at that. I can do my mothers? I can't do mine. So. I am living with these things. My ponderence is, though...while we feel free to do all kinds of things with our talons, how do we each decide what we can and can't do? I mean, we can DO anything, right? I can put blood red on these things. They're so long they'll look like they are dripping wet blood, but I could do it. I guess...our nails make a statement about us and we choose what to do with them to help make that statement. Look at these:

Yeah. WAY too long for me. I work on a computer. Would the A England Tristam have been too much in it's navy holo drool-worthy amazingness? In my view, yes. I opted for a powder blue with a royal blue flash:

That looks seafoam. Lord. It's not. It's blue. It's Hard Candy Sky. This is sunlight through the window....and I don't know why it looks green. Let's try that again, shall we?

That's a little better. Check out the drunken monkey overspray there...derrrr. I reiterate: this is why I get professional manicures.

So...I felt that I HAD to go lighter because of that length. Maybe I'm just sensitive. I don't know. Any thoughts out there?

That is so weird...tomorrow morning I should be able to get a desk shot with the lighting that shows all colors as they actually are. It's bugging me. I don't want to be bugged by it.

In all seriousness...I almost went nude for this mani! But I look at these swatches and think...I could have gone as vampy as I want. They're not that bad. That's actually a great length if you don't do anything with your hands. So...I don't know. Just random musings. But what do you all think? Would a dark vampy red have been too much on this length? I think...I guess there is a part of me that thinks that there is a line about nail're judged for it. Too long becomes unkempt looking to me, on me. Mine are too long to be practical and there was a time this was the length I wanted, but just seems too much. On others I think long nails can be great.

Here's another thing! Anyone else have curvature of the nails? Look at this:

I actually really love that they do that but Ruby Pumps pointed it out to me with something like wonder. Don't most nails do this? I like it about mine, it reminds me of claws. Yeah....claws! **scratch!** (In BB Couture Daisy Dweller again)

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