Friday, July 22, 2011

The Rabbit of Nail Polish


In the immortal words of BMWWU, if you could have an orgasm from nail polish, this would be it.


Chanel Peridot:

BMWWU took this pic right after she put this on. It might not even be really dry yet.

It's green, it's gold, it's greenish gold, it's goldish green. It can't seem to decide. It shimmers, it dances, it plays in the sunlight.

LOL, this was in the pedi room at the salon. That is not an age spot! I burned the back of my hand on a wood stove when I was a child, maybe about 9 years old? I've born that scar ever since. And no, that's not a mood ring! It's some sort of dark green stone. I love it.

I tried so hard to accurately get the color of Peridot and I think stupidly forgot in the process to get a swatch of this while wearing my peridot and jade ring. I just don't know that there is a way to accurately photograph this. It's a chameleon, it's illusive, it will not be caught!

This is not bad, actually. This is pretty close. I believe this is sunlight from the window. I cannot deny it's gorgeousness. It's kind of indescribable. It's too many things.

Oooo. Yet another shot of it's changing colors. Where did I take this? That looks like a refrigerator! LOL, I guess it could be. You never know where or when you'll get just the right lighting. Look at that bad boy. I promise you, these are all the same polish. This is the closest to what it looked like most of the time on me, but it is changeable. Check the pinky, though...that is Peridot, too!

Sunlight in the car….getting better with the new phone. None of these seem to capture the shimmer of this. I wish I'd known, I'd have done a blur shot.

Last one:

K, that's all I've got.

I can't speak to application, BMWWU put this on and surprisingly chose it over the more sedate Quartz. Being a victim of Polishmaniacal Obsession Syndrome, I bought the whole stupid collection at the stupid Chanel price. Because I'm an idiot. This is well covered territory, even in the relatively youthful age of this blog. Ruby Pumps pointed out that I could have several pairs of my much coveted Louboutins for the money I've shelled out on polish. I said ah yes, the difference being I WEAR the polish. Where am I going to flaunt the red soles of Louboutins in this cowpoke town? The local Legion? A pool tournament? I know, a euchre competition. Right. No one would even appreciate them. I have some gorgeous shoes and mostly I just take them out of the box and admire them from time to time. My Stuart Weitzman's have been worn once. The Bruno Maglis have made a couple weddings…Nail polish though….THAT I get some enjoyment from. And it doesn't hurt my feet. :D

Mechanics…We did an experiment here, one that I failed to complete. We did ButterLondon Nail Foundation, 2 coats, 2 coats Peridot and ButterLondon top coat. I was supposed to do the Horse stuff….crap. What's it called? Horse Power Nail Fertilizer (ButterLondon) but I had those motivational issues. (not being helped by my blog being unreachable at this moment. What was going to take me a couple hours has taken 5. FIVE! Fighting with it. I'm writing this in Word. Hello.) Plus…I wasn't sure I wanted to mix formulas. I want to give Horse Power a chance to work with its own stuff, at maximum optimization. Or whatever. So….I didn't do it. Plus, I sort of forgot. Oops.

Wear wise…psht. What do you want me to tell you? It's Chanel. For Chanel it did great. I got through a sink full of dishes with no problems, but about a day later…issues. It wore roughly 4 days without any major chippage, but after that? Fuggedaboutit. It crapped out. I wasn't surprised. I was pleased it made it that far. Chanel isn't known for wear and I generally avoid it but when a polish screams at me from 20 feet away and every sales girl in the department is herding me towards it because they know me, know I'll love it AND wear it…you can get some hard to find Chanels in this town because people here aren't that adventurous. If they are, they're not affording Chanel, they're selling starving artist work in a hotel lobby. The girls know. I'll wear it. I'll rock it. I might even flip you off wearing it.

Not to give you the wrong impression. I am a lady. But I have a 'tude and sometimes it shows. What do you want? I'm a redhead with an ancestry not notable for submissive turning of the other cheek. The best I can offer is that I don't say even a percentage of what goes through my head, not even on here. 

So there you go. It's gorgeous. Worth the price tag? Only you can decide that. It was a flame I was drawn to like a helpless moth. Right now my hands down fave polish is A England Tristam…but this is in the top 10. 

Happy Polishing!

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