Friday, July 22, 2011

butterLONDON Mehbeth with Rosie Lee

K, you know I wasn't overwhelmed with love for's looks good on me...meh.

Well, after ruining it cleaning up the LCN mess (see the post after this) I tried one nail with some glitz:

Ah. Maybe that's what I wanted it to do. This is butterLondon Rosie Lee, which is a lovely clear pink with dense pink glitter. I only did this one nail because it's the only one that wasn't trashed from the acetone but I think it's kind of fun. I don't know that I'd actually wear them like this....I might do.

Here's another pic:

The glitter in Rose Lee is kind of chunky and has a lot of color, as you can see here. It looks almost gunmetal, doesn't it? It gives Macbeth a little glamour!
I feel bad. There really is nothing at all wrong with Macbeth. It's very appropriate and will get you through any occasion. It just doesn't make me do the happy talon dance.

Here's one last shot:


Any thoughts?

Happy Talons!

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