Monday, July 18, 2011

BB Couture Intake Valve on my Moms

My Moms has been really ill and I've been one of her primary care givers for months now. As a way to cheer us both up, I started giving her manicures and pedicures. Often she falls asleep, leaving her my hapless victim **muahahahahahaaaa!** where I put pretty colors on her that veer far away from her normal pinks and corals. She has a narrow color comfort zone and mostly I respect it while pushing the boundaries a bit. Her coloring is way different from mine so we wear colors differently. She tends towards her American Indian background (her father would never have said "Native American". He was Indian first and American second.) while I look more like her Irish roots and my fathers German, Scot and other words, Casper-like. In the summer I might approach not quite dead in my coloring. I'm pasty, OK?? In case you couldn't tell from the swatches. I can wear about anything. Oranges and yellows can be tricky but other than that...a bad color for me is difficult to come by. Moms on the other hand...some are just "oofa" bad.

So. I experiment.

I've done OK up to now, mostly choosing colors that work. I haven't run into anything I've immediately removed on her, which is good because her hands ache and it's hard for her to sit still. Intake Valve was no exception.

If you have been reading this blog at all, you know I'm a HUGE BB Couture fan. Great formula, edgy colors (and we know I'm all about the edge) and just fun stuff. Plus, I confess, Kim at has made me secure that I will get personalized attention and great customer service. This helps! I'm tempted to try the mineral makeup but I'm afraid I'll get hooked on something else I can't afford. I'm a junkie, I'm tellin' ya.

Incidentally, that LCN order I placed yesterday has already started it's shipping process, I got a note from UPS today. Krikey!!! That was fast!

The moral of today's story is, though, that BB Couture for Men's Intake Valve looked AWESOME on my moms! Check this out!

Intake Valve is an odd color. Sometimes it's lavender-grey, sometimes pinkish's a Silly Putty kind of color. It turned out to be a very nice neutral on her but she tired of it quickly. This was helped along by her rather brilliant neurosurgeon taking a big jump back from it with a scornful expression and declaring "I like red" when asked if he didn't like it. Now her nails are red. Estee Lauder Jungle Red which I would show you but you can't get it any more. It looks really good on her, too.

Intake Valve performed well, just as I have come to trust BB Coutures will. It went on nicely, covered in two coats, was even and lovely. Mom's nails are really strong so I only need to do:

1. 1 coat Seche Base Coat
2. 2 coats BB Couture Intake Valve
3. 1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat

She doesn't need any other help and for God's sake doesn't need a nail strengthener.

Here's another shot of it:

Hm. That could be better, but you get the idea. Moms loved having her picture taken, too! She used to be a hand and shoe model...You can see why.

I hope you like this one! I did!

Happy Talons!

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