Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Fall Collection

I hit the vile Nordstrom anniversary sale. I hit it something like 3 times because as we know, I'm stupid. I did get some pretty great stuff, though. Like the Deborah Lippmann fall collection and the party set, which hasn't arrived yet. I didn't have the iconic Happy Birthday yet and the set of 3 was on sale for a bit less so I went for it. I had a little total no buy fail this week, to be perfectly candid. I fell off the wagon and landed on my head.

I haven't swatched any of these yet as I tend not to swatch so much as wear it and let you know how it performed over all. Here they are, though:

Looking at Stormy Weather up there...I think I should have shaken these first! Also, fascinating to notice, Billionaire there on the bottom right is displaying a shimmer quality that I assure you is not present when just looking at the bottle. Interesting. I wonder how that will translate? Hm. What I see in the bottle is a nearly black olive green. It takes Army Drab to a whole new level. These are, left to right, Stormy Weather, Single Ladies, Brick House (LOVE) and Billionaire.

Interested to try these but I'm not quite ready to give up Summer colors just yet. I am sitting here day dreaming about Billionaire with butterLondon's fall offering Wallis over it. Oooo. I think that might happen.

Brick House is giving me Illamasqua Shrapnel thoughts...might have to do a comparison swatch there. Hm. Let me dig that out and see how the bottles compare while I'm at this...

Hold please...

Hm. In real life, Shrapnel is really much more orange and lighter. I need to figure out how to eliminate that glare. Then I think you could see the difference quite plainly. They are from the same color family, no mistake, but they are very different. Both gorgeous. I think they are different enough to have both if you like this type of color. 

Any thoughts on this collection? I think it's nice. Two brighter colors but still very Fall in feel, and two darker moodier colors. These don't really relate to one another but I don't think they are meant to. Deborah Lippmann doesn't do the coherent collection theme, really, like most companies do. I think there is something here to fit every mood and every outfit!

Happy Talons!

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