Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Redhead's Temper and the Resulting Nubbins


I am a redhead. I have classic redhead features, though my hair has evolved through the years. Black at birth, blonde (platinum blonde) and awful after that. Not the color, the texture. Like a dandelion and incapable of growth. Then mouse brown. Then in my 20s it was auburn. Really pretty auburn and I felt like me. My mother is a redhead, I look like her...I was proud to be one too. Then the redhead curse settled in and it turned ashy, almost charcoal in color. Mom's has done the same.

However. I have always been a redhead. Fiery, spunky, determined...and hot headed. I'm sorry. It's so true.

I got angry this past weekend and chopped off all my nails. I mean...chop. Down to the quick. I have nubbins. They are so short, they are sensitive to touch. I also have not felt like blogging. The internet shortage is a constant concern and while I do miss it and think of you guys, I haven't spent the precious resources to edit pictures and whatnot. Maybe it doesn't take much, but it takes time, which is always in sort supply, and internet, which is always an issue. blah.

So I do have some holiday stuff to show you yet, I started working on the pics and then realized I had double uploaded them and now I just want to go play xbox.

And nubbins just don't inspire anyone.

I will work on the pics, I hope to load a post up this week or maybe two, I mean...a post with pics and commentary and gorgeous glitterywonderfulawesomeness.

I just didn't want you to think I'd been imprisoned for machine gunning my co-workers for playing that awful howling Country Christmas CD at work for hours on end. I day dream about it. Of course, the benefit of day dreaming about it is that in your day dreams you are always acquitted for being found with an AK-47, a bunch of spent shells, half a bottle of Jack and a pile of corpses because once you play that CD for the arresting officers they let you go for a. Justifiable Homicide, and b. lack of evidence.
And then that CD is held up as an example of what truly bad music played at high volumes in close proximity to a person doing really sensitive, confidential, detail oriented work can do to them. And then outlawed and all copies burned in a big pyre.


mmhmm. Yes.



I have really well defined day dreams.

I hope your holidays were merry and bright, I hope your New Year's was a fun celebration spent with those you love and filled with hope for a bright future ahead.

And I hope your Talons were merry and bright as well!

ETA: A photo of the damage:

 Yep...I didn't even really even them out, just hack and slash, emaright?

This is Manglaze Cabron with a top coat. Matte it just looked uber creepy, like Wednesday Addams or something. I'd love to tell you there is a review of this coming up because it's beautiful, and there will be one one day, when I don't look like I've put my hand in a blender. But not soon. It's bluer than I thought....

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