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At least this time it's not a Christmas set....

Even more Deborah Lippmann porn. I promise. I have some butters coming up. They're swatched but not edited. There are more Deb Lipps as well, but I will try to break it up with some butters...and an Illamasqua.

I am way past the target audience for Girls. I was the target audience for Sex and the City. My friends and I were a lot like the SitC girls...we just didn't have $800 shoes and we were in the city of broad shoulders (aka Chicago) rather than the ever more glam Manhattan, but we had our own Fleet Week, our own great bars and restaurants and our own broken hearts, failures, successes and a lot of great St. Patrick's days. Probably only Boston can top a Chicago St. Pat's, I'd wager. Outside Ireland, that is.

So...when it comes to relating to the show Girls I'm a little out of it. I mostly have watched it on occasion going "Thank fuck I'm not that young any more", which in our youth obsessed society I do realize is a bit of an odd remark. From what I have seen these colors do well represent their namesakes and muses.
The set comes in an enormous box. Honestly, how does she expect us to store these things? Book shelves? It's adorable, though:

It's a sort of card stock arrangement, with a tab so it opens like a book. It has the deets on the sides of the box as well but I didn't think it was all that interesting and didn't photograph it. I think marketing must have just loved those descriptions because they are EVERYWHERE. They're on the front. They're on the back. They're on the labels. I don't know where else they could be. Miss Lipp is not usually that in yo face so I'm blaming HBO.

When you open it, you get this cute little nod to the show:

These pictures were all taken in sunlight from the window. I didn't realize until later that my flash was flashing even though it wasn't needed so I had to tone down the exposure on some of the swatches. I will try to let you know when I did that. This picture above is extremely accurate and not edited so keep these in mind or refer back if the close-ups look a little off.

First up Hannah, who seems to me to be a bit muddled. So this color is ideal.

This is a tad washed out. The color is really a hunter green, but it's on the blue/dark teal side of that green so when the flash washed out the color, it left that tealy-greyey kind of color. It's not terrible and I left this as is because it shows the muddy quality of the color, which is incredibly intriguing, actually. It's a color you'll stare at, I swear.

Ummm, it's pretty obvious that I played with the exposure on this picture. However, this is as accurate to the color as I could get without messing with it a LOT. Just look at the nails and ignore the other weirdness happening.
But see...description is on the label. WTF. I can see it's Hunter Green. Thanks. Redundancy is a peeve, I can't help it.

The application of this was beautiful. So easy to control. It was a little streaky but it self leveled on coat 2. Highly highly pigmented, a lot of color here. These are swatches so I didn't wear any base coat or anything and it didn't stain, which is definitely a plus. That does not mean skip your base coat!

Marnie. I think she's the really innocent one? This is a sweet baby pink. It's vibrant but delicate and it was a hot mess. It was streaky and had an almost chalky consistency? This is two coats and you can see what was happening.

Here again is two coats. Blah! I figured out after I did this as I was swatching the Spring butters, which are all candy pastels, that you just want to load up your brush with these pastel colors. Load it up and put it on thick. I am not a huge wearer of pastels, but some of those are so just...neat...I had to check them out. Pastels are going to be the thing in the Spring collections I think. Estee Lauder is doing pastels as well.
Regardless. Hot. Mess.
So here is three coats:

Now we're talking. This is really pretty and it has a hint of blue which makes it want to lean lavender rather than trite pink, but it's also unafraid. This thing is like EFF YOU! I'm PINK! Note the cuticles. I was trying to be careful but this was very easy to control even if it wasn't easy to apply, if that makes sense at all. I think it just has so much pigment that it wanted to congeal together rather than cover. It turns out OK, though.

Jessa is the "Bohemian Burgundy" which to me just looked like brick red. It really is this red. The flash washed it out a tad but Burgundy to me is the color of a dark red wine. It has a lot of blue, some black...this to me is red. But whatevs.

As reds go,. this is a really pretty one and it's going to be kind to so many different skin tones. It's bright enough to keep it from vampy and dark, but it has enough body in the color to be interesting. I like it. It, too, wants to cover on the thin side so take care with it. A good base coat would probably help out. It also was not a stainer, but then so few Deborah Lippmann's are, too.

Now on to my favorite. Saving the best for last! It's the one that intrigued me about the collection and why I shelled out for it. Well, that and my basic soul feeding need for colors.

I luh-luh-luh luuuuuuurrrrve this. OMG. And this isn't doing it justice. It's very true to color, I'm pleased that way, but there is a micro shimmer in this and I DID actually get a shot of it. It's subtle but it adds volumes of depth and interest. The color itself is great. It's fascinating and I have nothing else like it. It's a highly pigmented bright lavender/lilac. I love this.

I toned down the exposure on this and it's still too light, but it's not terrible.

You can see a little of the shimmer here, but not much. These shots are all two coats. This so easily could have been watery but it isn't, there is a lot of pigments in here.

You can see the shimmer here, but I would click on the picture and view it larger just to really see it. The index finger shows it best, but all the nails here show the shimmer and what it adds. This is a remarkable color. I think it could be a little risky on some skin tones because it's so bright, is it bright and dusty at the same time? It's the magic of Miss Lipp, I'm telling you. This is why she is a genius.

I definitely recommend this set. I think there are 4 brilliant wearable colors here, one for each mood.

They're available on Lippmann Collection. Go now. Purchase. While you're at it, pick up Moon Rendezvous. It's also incredible.

Happy Talons!

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