Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nails Inc. - The After Party, Part 1

I don't have a lot of Nails Inc. polishes. I have sort of decided that I want to stick with the brands I know for now, not branch out into a bunch of other brands, but I saw a good deal on this set before the holidays at Sephora so I went for it. I also picked up a couple of their magnetics on sale, which...I like them, but the LCN magnetics had a nicer effect and I have sort of decided that magnetics are a pain in the butt. I have the China Glaze ones, one set of Deborah Lippmann's and...I can't get motivated to do all that. One nail at a time, hold the magnet over...peh. Not worth it to me now that they're everywhere.

But this set...I thought, I'll try it. And it is gorgeous as you will see. I wore one for the holidays and that is really a discussion to be had. However, because I took 9000 pictures of this set I have decided to only blog each one at a time. I'm afraid it will be overwhelming and boring if I do them all. I just don't like to. I like to let you guys see the angles, which requires pictures. Pictures eat up bandwidth and slow things down. Let's not.

So here is the collection as a whole and you will probably see why I went for it.

Yes. That first one is a black holo. I have another black holo that is every bit as gorgeous and can be bought as a single and I will show it to you eventually. Maybe soon. Dark colors look good on nubbins...
The box is just a standard cardboard box, nothing special.

The inside is one of those white plastic doobers. Are we supposed to keep the boxes? Throw them out? I never know and I end up keeping my polishes just as I received them because I am OCD. It really bothers me to change their original state.

I know. I have issues.

Yep. They are this glittering and amazing up close and in the lacquer flesh.

First up is the middle one, Soho Street:

And in case the little flame thing on the bottom didn't give it away, these are flammable. Does the 272 mean anything? Is that the boiling point or something? I just thought it was interesting there was nothing on the label except the color name and warnings about fire.

As you can see, this is a clear base with multi-colored and multi-sized glitters. It's really pretty and really makes a mess. In general, while I love the way glitters look, I absolutely also hate them beyond all comprehension. (yes I buy them, pointing it out is RUDE! I already know!)

This was no exception. The glitter drags on each other, you end up with it all over you and end up dabbing away to dispense them properly. The end result is great, yes, but then one day you will want to take it off. Then a brand new hell begins.

I do love that this has that reddish purple in it, it adds something special. This is two coats and could possibly be made opaque in three or four if you have the patience. I don't always. This is really chunky, obviously, and it's not going to smooth out. It just is. Keep your hard core top coat handy.

The other thing I am not fond of with glitters is having to stick the little buggers back on your nail. See how they've brushed off the middle finger? If this was a real manicure and not a swatch I would have needed to fix that before I drew blood on someone. Glitters are sharp!

This one is really pretty. Oddly, it doesn't not send me into concerns of a dupe of Happy Birthday from Deborah Lippmann because I don't think they are the same at all, really. The colors, the sizes and shapes of the glitter pieces is just different, though I confess I did not wear them side by side or do comparisons. Because...I didn't think it was necessary. Looking at these swatches now, though, and I can see where the question could arise. I think if you love glitter and you have Nailosaurus Opticus (As I have dubbed that terrible condition we nail hounds get that refines our vision to the point we can detect subtle nuances in 6 different almost identical pinks and declare them all unique and worthy of having.) you might want to see a comparison.

Then you'd buy them both anyway, who are you even kidding.

I think this set is now marked down even more than when I got in on Sephora, but I don't really remember what I paid. Otherwise known as Nailosaurus Debticus, where we just get them because they're shiny and worry about that credit card bill later.

As glitters go, this wasn't completely awful to apply. I did dab it on. The middle nail is my attempt at layering the glitter but I stopped when I started to get the glitters sticking off the edges. That's just annoying and unattractive. And a good way to scratch your face. Ugh. You can eliminate that with a cuticle/orange stick by nudging the little suckers back where they belong. Just make sure with something like this that you seal your tips.

I get tired of seeing glitters on black, though it does show the color best, but with everything going on here, the aqua, the purple, the red, pink, blue green, silver...ANY base color is going to be great.

I don't know, what do you think? I like the other two in this set better, but this is very flashy and pretty. Don't recommend it for the office! (Unless you work for David Bowie) For a fun night out, though, this could be great. A fun Friday or Saturday night out, that is. Taking glitter polish off is a lengthy process.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Talons!

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  1. Hey Tricksie, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog for details. Oh, and you're right, magnetics are a pain in the butt. Dying to see that black holo.