Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ciate superficial

Ciate is a new brand to me but I've been pretty impressed. They wear nicely and they have fun colors. I can't remember how long I wore this one but it was at least 5 days. Maybe 6. The flaws it started to develop were fixable but I am, after all, a polish hound and I start to long for a new color in a few days.

I've always had a short attention span. BRIAN. The dipwad I dated in college who told me I had the attention span of the average 5 year old.


What was I talking about?

Oh yes.

Ciate is a British company who has their polish made in France and MDAMO and I were debating whether "Ciate" is meant to be French or Italian. I think French. Regardless, pretty colors, nice wear.
And cute bottles!

This was after a couple days wear.You can see the tip wear, which with my job is flat inevitable. I shuffle so much paper it isn't even funny. I spent 5 hours today cleaning up employee files. (Writing this on Sunday. Yeah, I had to work Sunday. Not bitter! Not. Bitter.) There isn't a lot of polish in the world that can survive that.
As you can see, this is a pretty cadet blue with a vibrancy but still sedate.

Still looks pretty good. It applied nicely and was easy to control. Even I did OK, though you can see the remnant of where I flooded the one cuticle. Probably watching Big Bang while painting my nails. That wouldn't be extraordinary. Penny is good polish inspiration. I'm wearing a Penny color right now. It didn't survive the filing in perfect shape. It did well...new Deb Lipp Gel Lab system...trying it out for you guys. (Me Likey!)

This is actually closer to the feel of the polish. It's darker than it appears above, but not this green...this was before I learned the trick I learned with the next post. I wish I'd figured that out oh... years ago! Alas. This really is a darker color. It's blackened almost. But it's not this dark. It's somewhere in between. GAH!

Bottle shot before I took this off. You can see it's chipping and wearing. I was having some issues with my Nailtiques. I think it was just flat old. I tried a new bottle and did better on the next one.

Those little bows are pretty securely glued on there. I had visions of icky glue blobs and no bows on the bottles, but so far they're staying on.

The label. Oh no! It's flammable!
They all are, but the little fire always kind of amuses me for some odd reason.

I took a ton of shots of this for some reason...I liked it, but not, like.. Knackered liked it.

This shot is to show you that it started to do something weird...I had Orly Nail Armor under this and as the polish wore it was like Nail Armor started to absorb it. Or something. You can see the particles in the Orly pushing up through or the Ciate sinking down in...I'm not sure. It was odd. It was like the surface thinned or something. I can't even explain it. I just thought I would show it to you. Pretty strange stuff!

I recommend this brand fo sho. It's fun, fun colors, easily available through Sephora, where this came from, and if you are one to display your bottles they're really cute. I get really good wear with it and it's easy to apply. Plus, it's not really all that expensive. It's not drugstore but if you shop sales you can get it for a good price.

Happy Talons!

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