Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pretty Holiday nails: RBL Recycle and BL Frilly Knickers

MDAMO decided before the holidays that my nails needed to sparkle like an ornament. I set him loose in the bottles to search. He came up with Recycle because it's a "Nice piney green" and then set me loose to come up with the sparkle. Kind of. Anyway, that is what wound up happening. We agreed Frilly Knickers was the thing. Kind of. I decided and he went along, he wasn't really convinced until after the fact.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle is part of the latest Bring it Back set and I just checked, it is available. My bottle, I need to inform you, is not a part of that set but one of the original release. Probably it makes no difference whatever, but just in case.

Here is Recycle on it's own:
It is indeed a lovely forest green. It's dark but with a lot of blue, it's definitely pine. It's also a stainer. Use a good base coat.

Here's the label shot. You can see how dark this is here, yet, it will never be mistaken for black. Not in a million. I love the subtlety of this, it's dark but it's wearable, it's just a great color.

Here it is topped with Frilly Knickers. Christmas ornament!
Frilly Knickers is a clear/milky base with a ton of iridescent milky white micro glitter particles. There is a teensy bit of milky whiteness but it's mainly clear. If you layered to opaque you'd likely have nails that looked like Christmas snow, but I'd hate to guess how many coats that would take.

It's very icy and pretty. You can see how it flashes blue and green and silver against the dark green.

There's a label shot...vaguely blurry but legible. It's a bit chunky, but not bad at all. A coat of Seche or another thick top coat and you'll be all good.

The two together. I think Frilly Knickers is nothing short of magical, frankly. I'd never worn it but had looked at it a zillion times. Sometimes layering seems like work to me. I don't know that there has ever been a lazier statement but at times I can't face another coat. I just want them done. I mean...I hate my job, (I was accused of making meth at my desk the other day. Yep. That Swiss Miss, she's a real drug cartel.) and when I get home I'm TIRED. My polish is a flash of color in my dreary world most days but there are some where even I can't face more than the minimum.

It looks lit up, doesn't it? The flash helps...but you see what I mean. I love the blue flash in the glitter against the deep green. You can see it toned the green down a bit, though this is a little washed out from the light.

This is better, more real. Still, the sparkle is wonderful and dense but doesn't over-power. I love this look. I enjoyed wearing it.

The last picture! I did clean those cuticles up, by they way, you can see where I tried. I warned you! Recycle is a stainer!

What do you think? I love it! I think Frilly Knickers is going to work with about any straight cream and Recycle is pretty both glammed up and on it's own. Fun stuff!

Happy Talons!

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