Sunday, January 6, 2013

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award!

Kell at Kell's DIY Nails has nominated me for a Liebster Award. I hadn't heard of this before, so I was thrilled to find out what it is and I offer her a huge thank you! I understand that a part of the rules are I cannot go back and nominate her in return because I completely would. I encourage you to check out her blog, she's cruelty free as well. I shamelessly stole the following right off her own nomination:

"The Liebster Award is given to blogs and bloggers that have fewer than 200 followers and are deserving of recognition and encouragement. There are four rules I must complete in order to finalize my Liebster Award:

1. Each person must post 11 things about them.
2. Then you must answer the questions that the nominator sent you, plus create 11 new questions for bloggers you nominate.
3. Choose 11 people and link their blogs in yours.
4. Go to their page and let them know you nominated them!"

11 things about me...oh boy. You mean aside from I'd put myself in debtor's prison for new nail polish?

1. You know how most little girls are horse crazy? I never grew out of that.
2. My dream car is an Aston Martin. I ask for one every year for Christmas, it's become something of a family joke.
 3. I read voraciously. Russian literature when I'm not stressed out and can focus, total smut crap when I am stressed out and can't.
 4. I collect movies, another expensive habit. While I love going to a theater, I also love that I can just have the power to entertain myself whenever, however I want.
5. I have in the last week become addicted to Downton Abbey. I've been watching the British versions on blu-ray with MDAMO, who, and he can correct me if he's wrong, is also addicted. They're very good. And gorgeous to look at. Don't most nail hounds love to look at pretty things?
6. I'm a total Russophile. I studied the language in college, I read up on Russian history and am fascinated by the architecture. Not just the palaces, which in my opinion are even more beautiful than Versailles, but all of it. The dachas, the churches, post revolutionary Communist era pre-fabs (such a complete departure from the Tsarist opulence, you just know...) Ok, shutting up about that now.....Except to add that Anna Karenina is honestly one of my favoritist books, even if I do think Vronsky is a bit of a tool.
7. I read the Three Musketeers every Summer when time permits. I have about four versions of it on my nook.
8. My decision to go nook rather than Kindle, despite the staggering amount of my money gets to bank, was that I could take it to the store, hand it to some hapless clerk and say "Broken". ( I recommend removing the "smut crap" off your home pages first, if you can. Embarrassing! And no, I've never read 50 Shades of Grey and I don't intend to. But to each their smut.)
9. I danced en pointe for 14 years. This is why you almost never get pedicure shots. Those callouses don't ever go away, I don't care.
10.  At the risk of totally embarrassing myself, but I'm hoping this readership will understand, I currently have 20 bottles of nail polish either en route or pre-ordered. Gads. I hadn't stopped to count. And I was eyeballing the ModelsOwn website...and will probably place an order because I'm nuts.
11. The only TV show I really watch is The Big Bang Theory. I can't help it. It's oddly sexy when they start babbling about their physics stuff. Intelligence is sexy.

Kell's Questions for her nominees:

1. What was the very first polish you posted on your blog?
Ummmm.....OMG, Ask me stuff I know!ButterLondon Dosh. I had to look it up!
2. What inspired you to start a blog? 
Honestly, I love polish, my friends find me amusing and there were things happening in blogs I didn't like, like lots of shots of polishes you will never find for yourself and lots of not paying attention to the animal rights issue. Also, I had a bizarre hope I'd just write about what I had instead of going on Quixotic crusades to find the newest thing. Psht. Idiot. :)
3. What is your favorite polish?
I'm not sure if you mean my favorite brand or my favorite color....BB Couture is probably my favorite brand...BB Couture or Butter. Hmm. My favorite color has been Knackered (ButterLondon) since I first saw it. Nothing has taken it's place yet. 
4. What is your favorite type of Nail Art?
I don't really do nail art, but I still love the half moon mani and I love the new fun colorful Frenches. Do those count?
5. What is one thing you would like to improve on?
I need to work out more. I'm a blob and I hate it. I went from being a high performance athlete (if you don't believe me, try taking an advanced ballet class) to being a desk jockey. Blah.
6. Do you have any tattoos? 
God no! I'm terrified of needles and that is just eleventybillion injections! If that were not the case, I'd totally have one or two.
7. What is the most 'Extreme' thing you have ever done?
Hm. Well...I used to drive this 1976 Cadillac Seville. It's a big heavy car, you know? And I went to Penn State. On the way home I would put it in neutral and let it coast down the mountain, which wasn't a straight shot. Probably extremely dangerous, but was it fun!
8. Are you a good dancer?
LOL I kind of answered this. Yes, I was good. I danced on scholarship.
9. What is your favorite beauty product and why?
Beauty product I can't live without....Honestly, and this will sound weird, but it's eyelash primer. I have always used Estee Lauder's, but clearly I need to try something else now. I think I have some Illamasqua I picked up on a sale to try when the current tube dies. My lashes will fall out without that under mascara.
10. Do you prefer to go out or stay in?
I'm very introverted and highly sensitive, which they know now is an actual psychological condition, which makes it sound like psychosis, but after a day of being over stimulated at my very noisy and interruptive job, I need down time. I'm a stay in girl.
11. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I gotta go with brains. And I am resilient. I've been through some stuff in my life and I know I am resourceful and strong. 

However, I think I dislike that I babble so much!

My ten nominees:

1. FaithfullyPolished
2. And Then There Was Polish 
3.  Polish Insomnia
4.  Nails for Nerds
5. Polish Gone Crazy 
6.  The Artistic Corner
7.  Kozmo and Friends
8. You don't Love Me Yet
9. Just Skin Bones and Nails

And yeah. I'm out. But I'm contacting you guys right now! If I come up with some other ideas, I will add them.

My questions:

1. Coke or Pepsi? (Or water?)
2. Tea or Coffee?
3. Name a book or movie that changed your outlook or taught you something valuable, even if it's only really valuable to you.
4. What do you love about writing your blog?
5. Is there a place you must visit someday? Where?
6. What is your favorite thing to have for dinner?
7. What would your superpower be?
8. What is your favorite scent and why? Is it evocative of a time and place?
9. What is a pet peeve of yours?
10. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
11. Do you love or hate dark chocolate? (I find it's rarely a medium response!)

Thank you so much for the nom, Kell! I'm so flattered, and in such good company!



  1. ...and I would nominate you yet again...

    Don't feel bad I have 4 packages in their way to me now...

    Love Big Bang too!

    I need those BL's in my life... and stat.

    Yes, those are nail art.

    Don't we all need to work out more???

    I agree with you on #11.

    Love your babble. ;-)

  2. Yeah. You do need those BLs stat. I blogged Knackered some time ago, check it out! :)

    You love my babble? That's so sweet! Thanks!